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दिमाग के खेल शतरंज के बारे में कुछ FACTS

ACTIVITYYYYYYYYYYY.You said that grischuk do evan gambit, wheres the video man?Morphy or magnus?Dat epic day when I remained king vs king and still one hour to follow him and nevere end the play.Must include measurements in your video.Overkill AF, nice skill set demo though.Any help would be appreciated a lot :) Thanks in advance!

After tis game Karpov said to Bareev "your check is in the mail or your check is in the mate ore your check is in the chain male m8 or something like that.The amazing sharp lines of gambits, sacrifices and tatics like this one just make the game shine!Wow there good at chess but the black side did it wrong when he presses the clock by the queen in tournament thats illegal.Cs i kept getting CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'Parallaxer.I wish you and your staff another 25 years of outrageous success and feeling connected to like-minded folks.That last end game.I’m annoyed by comments.Ive watched nearly all your videos and the craft man ship is FKING TOP SHELF, keep videos coming love them.

I just joint your channel to day and I want to say great video.Neat tip but the beginning is so annoying.Nice vid anyway.This was awesome to see how you started your company.If you lose the game there will always be the unsaid you haven't really evolved from homo-erectus.

Hey dude, marvelous work.This man very orgnised chef I reallyenjoy watching him.Another source for tubing is those expanding water hoses.Remind them that they actively work against the very thing they whine about.Still rook takes pawn.Great video, I am wondering about the wind up scissor type lifter you use to adjust the height of the circular saw and router, what are they called and where did you find yours.

Why are you corona.

Why are you corona.

Link sent pannuga plz.A5 the pivotal moment in the game.U traded it for a pen.Keren pak akusuka sekali buat sayah boleh kah i love gitar.He erroneously has set the white pieces on the black end of the board, which prevents writing down the moves with conventional algebraic notation.More game are coming.Bad idea when hungover.I guess a center should always be "in" a thing, especially if that thing is convex.

I think I

I think I

Also, many people cannot afford to live somewhere for 6 months, in these conditions.Magnus is on next level compared to all Grand Masters.Rigidbody2D rb New line that colliders working just fine.Curious why not as white play 22: d5?Congratulations!Vishy, please castle!I like the size for my board squares to be a bit larger say 64mm or 2.Alireza is a sore loser. This becomes the next iteration.What is that first gambit you mention?

1:30:19 - 1:30:25 Thats a sick

1:30:19 - 1:30:25 Thats a sick

Gertrude Baniezewski.The night king vs the human computer.Can you Make a 3D game for iOS or you can’t.Amsterdam will be the perfect place for an abstinent man like yourself Simon!Even the spiders want to watch your work.Such a sad piece brought back from the dead!Is it me or does the rythm of these songs seem more accurate and ''normal'' at 0.Agradecida por la informcin an didctica.And the thing always i noticing in your games,you know the moves ahead,but the game sometimes isnt "aha he played this to justify that"so you oftenly ignoring a position trying to explain next move),like on 8:32,he played qf6 to attack bc3,and then qc2 defending bishop,alfa prepares to bring another rook in the game,thats true but thats not why he played qc2,you saw game already and you know rook coming,but completly ignored little trap what stockfish prepared.Sure you have it mint by now.

Achim Wurst

JewSA sucks

Jitendra Kamble

Brilliant explanation and all possibilities ..

Lynn Grissom

You can put as many of these freakin' commercials on these videos as you like, but when the ads come on, I turn 'em off!

David Turner


Santhosh Kumar

Thanks bro I do it for my mom

Corihanna DiMarino

super awesome


well done

Dave Wolverine

U need more support!

A guy giving it a try

great job they are beautiful


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