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10 Impossible Things That Only RONALDINHO Did In Football HD

Man this Matrixmovie makes me wonder how Mr Smith would be saying: " - Mr.I’m super independent, but I know the possibilities are limitless, so i’m ready and present in the moment! Like you said though, your accuracy and % correct is most important.Wanna listen chessrap?REALLY wound me up.1010 would illuminate a manuscript to again.

Making meatballs without instructions.That kid is bad lol he should’ve resigned when magnus looked at him.Really enjoy your videos, thanks Steve!""I care about first" :D.This hoodie is very nice.I know the lines you mean, but it doesn't apply here because white's D pawn hasn't moved - after 6.

I think that is the strongest move and gives black the chance for something other than a loss.6:46 bishop can go f8.This video needs a like for each of these tools.Is it just me or he looks like mr bean.Luckily I could find the mate." Im with the spirits.Did you make anything with the triangle falloff?Sooo in this movie he had a nose xD.Brilliantly executed young man.53:04 Bxg7 is free or am I crazy?

Those people are mentally ill.

Those people are mentally ill.

Came here to understand e better :D.Botvinnik is King!:)Also, excellent chess strategy.I think people get nervous playing on stream for the first time.Arm-R-Seal Satin, has to be one of the best finishes.MO STOP TAKING YOUR FINGER OFF THE PLANCHETTE.I had the most epic online game after following your steps.

My father designed Hay Merchant and my brothers built it!I just seen a spirit running.21:32 I feel you, Eric.Makes sense to me!Good ol' times on ICC.So, no need to spend a lot of money every month to do simple things.Iam not kidding.And what would these Alice's think about Bob?Tank you agadmator for clearly analyz.

By the way video is nice.Please send me as a gift huhuhuhu.)It's always entertaining to see games like this--everyone knew Larsen was a fighter, and even his losses are instructive.I have tryed it 3 times with different results what am i doing wrong.58:42 right now by Mitch.Enjoyed the demonstration, and found it very educational, but turning with 'wings' gives me the heeby-jeebies, ever since I got my finger tip whacked by one.Pause at 00:04 whyyy.Best move was Qd6' guess it's not such a great move.


why couldn't rook take rook at 18:50?

cris Froese

Is Nd7 also a good move?


I really like Eric Laithwaite, very down to earth, amazingly intelligent, yet teaches difficult concepts in such an easy manner. I wonder if the gyro force, if we set up 6 to 8 spinning wheels, with frictionless magnetic bearings, super carbon fibre gyro wheel, weight only in perfect place (on Rim of wheel), then spin the wheels to say 25,000RPM instead of 2,500 and imagine the lift that can be gained for any flying/moving vehicle if we can take so much weight from it, and easily balance the steering effect by having them balanced in matched pairs.....Just thought of this at this very moment, please don't smash me if I'm wrong, just believe we must ALL share knowledge not keep it secret. It is what they said internet would be used primarily for, Universities/Research labs sharing all info open source stopping manufacturers patenting everything. They allowed the fox in the chicken coup though, they allowed pharma/industry to control educational/research facilities, turning everything into "Black Projects!.Most of this work has been fully tested, and surpassed. All the UFOs people report that OUR Govts are showing ZERO interest in, it's because they OWN them, and why would they want to listen to OUR reports on THEIR disc craft. I have evidence, but not enough space to cover here.

Kenroy Andre Smith

what i found really funny the first move for black haha! Serves you right for playing b3 against a super GM. haha good stuff :)

Richard Smeets

A Philips radio from the era Philips still made quality audio/video.Nowadays they sell 1st class rubish audio/video electronics.That Shortwave Philips radio (AE3205) from the early 90's stil works flawless .I bought that radio new so i could listen to the worldservice abroad.Strange how a sound from home can give you a smile when you are far away from home.

Donovan Xavier

Who pronounces it vase rather than vase

Mikheil Chkheidze

Naka dominated

Tessa Sky

My brother sadley spent more time in prison than a murderer for marijuana.....????Backwards!


Isn't this game 11? Chessbase could be incorrect but I see this PGN on the 11th game, not the 9th.

Anonymous guy

It is not possible, because in 2:06 instead of moving the queen's pawn the opponent will develop the king's pawn to e5...

Burhan Qerimi

This dude is getting a lot of money from his channel... perhaps I should start one myself?

Gazel Fuuske

Hou played very well. Magnus just not falling for some fatal exchanges of pieces

smund fostervold

When you can interview the top chess player in the world and you keep interrupting him.

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