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It was yellow too, but I think my parents had it through my oldest sister's childhood (born in 1949) and our middle sister's as well (born in 1956).If he ate that rook with his rook maybe he had a chance."Dude this is too easy let me play you as enjamin or eingold!Suggestion Wonderfull queen sacrifice capablanca vs chase 1922.I beat him in a month.

It's often about the small details.Alternate title: Periodic table of Adobe explained.I feel proud of myself.Thank you for making this series!You can see how hard it is to talk and play.Haven’t seen G6 get punished this badly since Agad VS.Was just about to sleep Jerry, why you do dis?It must be possible.My dovetails instantly improved.I reacted the same as Ned about the really thirsty one xD.

I take forensic science and his name came up as a case study and i knew i had heard about him from this channel before.Look why doesn't anyone 1 dry their wood in a kiln instead they leave it lying around or even outside where it fluctuates between wet and dry.Huy haha pinsan remember haha.Com SOlutionHousing.Let that 30 year old go, he only made a mistake.Cool idea but noisy and still needs some better mechanical(electrical) idea sit.

Who recorded Penguin s

Who recorded Penguin s

Carlsen said after his match that he did not take on a7 because of the following line: 40.Lol I'm into this kinda stuff and everyone is too scared of it to do anything like this with me.I wish i was the most luckiest person ever born.Any videos on multistart threading.Who is win I don't understand.Which flour u have used?VERY interesting!But then how do I get x.

Bro you need to turn down yourautotune retune speed.I received 17k from Brian today, text him up on (2 6 -7) 5 7 8   4  8  62 to make money.The knot can wear away causing your stitches to fail.If i had fff-friends.Grand design, the electricity that courses through and all around us is the life force of the universe, and just like cells, plasma self organizes, hence the name coined by Irving Langmuir.Something Machinisty - YES!Appreciate video content!Jimmy I absolutely love your work, every video is great, and I am surprised this is the first time I have seen this video as I have gone through your full catalogue.

What is going on here?

What is going on here?

I’m not sure about it but it seems like a halfway decent move.43:50 I am just glad that I was able to follow that calculation without playing it out on a board.Thank you for sharing.Thanks for sharing.I made a combination square out of tool steel while working in a machine shop about 50 years ago.

A crock of shit.

A crock of shit.

Quem veio aqui por causa do Baianinho?7:15 Junelllllll haha pst sorry.Did you joint or plane any of your wood First?Y is that Xhosa guy speaking Afrikaans instead of his LAnguage.Not compalsary to use all the troops I can win the game even with one queen n king.Hell yes Simon, hell yes mate!$15,000,000 in 1803 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $341,115,929.

Yusuf Dadkhah

ben "slightly late although he is early "that makes no sense1:31 the board is presented with a bit of pieces close to the center while 1 pawn is in the center




Sadly, the thumbnail must've been in my subconscious because it was the first move I thought of and I'm a total amateur. But my first thought to that move was stacking the pawns on the h file as the strategy. Let's see if that was the strategy behind it. clicks play


Jim is a good friend.And Paul is a better friend.

Aldo Martinez

My brother say he can take u plz accept challenges

Istvn Baksa

it was a draw?

PPablo pike

I love

n word

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Thavakkalponnani Ponnani


LowTide Customs

It looks bad ass. I dig that you are not above showing trial and errors. Great job man!!


Really can't understand why this format is so grainy in comparison with VHS. As looking into schematic diagrams, Y-path is designed to have a bandwidth of 3 MHz which is more than in VHS machines. But unfortunately picture seems to be worse. Especially black-white high contrast transitions.

Samantha Brodzinski

The Will and Elizabeth music will make me cry every time ever since I was 7

Jayashree Sutar

Actually the computer play every time different moves so we can't apply tricks easily

Fy fy



No offence, but I think it is kind of unfair to play anonymous if you have the skill and the reputation of Magnus Carlsen. It's kind of like a martial arts master wearing a white belt and kicking everyone’s ass.

Jonas Meyer


Daniel Reid

hey man, great video and amazing table. Just wondering what type of tape did you use? or what type of material. I'm in Australia and looking for tyvek tape but I think it needs to be imported from US is normal sticky tape ok? or does it need to be polyethylene?

John Liwat


Roberto Tadeu Matoso

Very Vera good. You are talentoso.

Top Feed Coco

Since when is Doug Fir considered Pine?

Daniel Xu

2 = 2!

Heang Sok

Me when i play with general 0:33

Jonathan M.

I hit like before watching.

carla ibisate

Naiyak ako. Godbless you!!


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