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1v1 Basketball....*DEE--vs--BRANDON*.... THE FATALITY GAME

I also really liked the video by IM Kislik on how to play pawn endgames, seen here:.The advertisement won't finish playing so the videos won't start.Com and i played both sides for black and white as i copy the moves of this game, when i reached the critical moment in the game where bishop to a3 is played, ( if u know or not the analysing board in chess.

And " Expelerarmus"!

And " Expelerarmus"!

I know that this was 2 years ago but i was literally screaming knight c7 into the computer.Good video, maybe include a voice over?Wasn't there more Thomas Paine involvement in this event?Even a decent player would see it.This adds to the public fear and gloomy outlook.He went past that pawn Oo.Did it swap duringWW1 overthe argument for and against isolationism?I THINK HE IS IN WRONG PROFESSION, HE MUST TRY HIMSELF IN HOLLYWOOD.Qxe5 is a bad move.Why do killers get so many breaks?

Let’s open this atm cough cough.4:44 Why not Queen to f7 for check and threatening two pieces?N m preparing this ryt now.Sell it to me for $100 please.If Rxc8 then Rxf7 Kxf7 and a8Q, guarding the h8 square.Why doesn't black take d4 at 3:15?

What kind of wood did you use?

What kind of wood did you use?

I'll be looking through your other tutorials.I live in Milton send me the location I LOVE HAUNTED STUFF.46:44 that aint DGR, just give it a sec.Play()food x : Math.FIDE has been putting on some great shows and things look really positive as of late.Literally in every way.Afterwards you see if your not caught on day 5 you have the same setting as on day 3.At 7:54 when you talk about the pink looking routerfirewall, what is the company and model?I cant even fathom someone killing an infant.

But it seems to me that black

But it seems to me that black

First because of your coming back.Also talk about sheer size of tooling.Are you selling these by any chance?Considering the resistance, this is a really dumb ideea.WOW so yummy recipeThanks mam.Na ile razy musiae to zalewa i jakie odstpy czasowe midzy warstwami?When I see the queen fight 1.Dude, that's just impressive.

It was easy as you suggested

It was easy as you suggested

Felt like we won by impossible.Covered a lot of points.7:58, how it is possible that pawn capture beside pawn.Great how you showed all of it.But great idea for a first project.Just imagine what the Salem witch triel people would do to Hogwarts.


Thanks for the videos! I have a newfound love for Tal after watching your analyses. :) Keep up the awesome work!

K.B. Woodworker

Great video!Your "glue philosophy" has influenced me, no more starved joints!One question and that is you're using a wet rag to wipe the glue off.I've always heard that this will drive the glue into the wood and repel finish.Is there something you do to prevent this from happening?Your finishes look fine so I figure there's something you do.I've made doors before, but learned a lot from this video. Thanks for the great idea of sanding the shiny stuff off later, since I often work with repurposed wood!

Francesco Tubaro

Let it run 10k times and tell us the results, nice vids btw keep it up


Heh, "pebbles".After "stones" from backgammon?Or, you could just call them "checkers", as we do in my country. :)

Julia Lapine

I heard no when you asked " did you hit a tree" watching this Nov 2019. 1 week before Thanksgiving.


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