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2012 World Mind Games Beijing Day 1 - Blitz Draughts

A great hug and success for your channel.Play gm finegold 30 games so he can accuse u of computer cheating like he does every player thats not titled and beats him.He was completely demoralized if he lost his queen.It is the same trade but white would keep his queen.

Hair plugs on fleek.21:30i was waiting for an explosives joke.Minh co cac cho ong le quang liem tu giua van co.Holy fuck this video is everything you need to solo guitar :D i'mma watch it about 1000 times now, thanks.Nakakaiyak naman.

Using the fence while using a miter gauge.Does anyone else see it?Finally a useful DIY channel.Sussex the county.I liked the vid with choice of music.Bro have u ever found out that Tom's real name is I am asking because u will never get read of him with out finding out what his real name is because if he is a demon his real name is not Tom.Do challenge with ant colony optimization algorithm.

I'm 37, and this really took

I'm 37, and this really took

You called this machine and boy when my grand pappy was alive he could have did this by hand in 1 and 12 hours.The lip balm is ridiculous but why does she say after all her moves she gets up and walks outside and to the bathroom and doesn’t need to see the board, that sounds fishy af, makes more sense that she is remembering the position and entering it into an engine in the bathroom.This is just insanely cool!It says the plans but it's in your language, ukrainian?A combination of colors ( top table and legs ).Andor what does "the most active square possible" mean exactly?

Although the coverage is excellent, I have to admit that I just hate the commenst by both Jennifer and Maurice regarding Nakamura just punishing Aronian.How would u find the total no.First time checking out your channel and my jaw dropped when you brought up MacGyver!6 millions in isreal which became independent after the horror of genocide of ww2, more like after committing genocides to Palestinians.Just bought my first table saw and a microjig gripper.What a piece of shit.And to watch him play online, stream, give revealing interviews and to listen to ace commentators explain his games.Any chance you could try to make bows with australian wood?Why do of these lesser lights presenting great players and their moves go on with pointless extraneous commentary - once or twice maybe, but for the most part it would be far better to shut up and describe the moves.This is a mathematician doing the physics example of: Assume a spherical cow.

I don't see you checking the dividers

I don't see you checking the dividers

I'm trying to follow on a live board and you just blew through a boatload of moves.This was the most ridiculous video i have ever seen on youtube !Lesson 1: never play Sicilian against Bobby Fischer.Geniuses have high IQ, savants can parallel think with their unconscious.Your feedback and rationale have eased the decision-making process.Great video and they look very cool, only problem, that resin will dull a knife very quick.Best chess videos ever!Didn't Big Clive have one of these in a recent live stream?

Kiran Panda

nice bro

Gordon Welford

I just love that line when someone's trying to sell you a repair item "It's probably just a loose wire" Oh if I had a 1 etc etc.

Dinesh Setia

Thanks you

Sijo Sibi 007



Fuck Tom looks great! Literally my first thought when it started.

Elsayed Abuzeid

For the million time Yasser you’re are the best

Hoony K.

There should be a version of chess where if you make a move other than king safety while in check, the game can be won taking the king

Mohamad Ofeshat

high levelchess

Wuho Wuho

5 years of making dinosaur from iron in 4 min

Butterfly Taxi DFW

Beautiful.I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of the copper that i have.Are you selling these also? If so, how much.Thankyou for the video neighbor,I live in Irving also.

learn aris


Suzaky- Chan

i don't know why but my fav house its Slitheryn sorry if i write it wrong. im at the 3 book with azkaban but i took a pause and now i want to read it again

Theophilus Jedediah

Ive never seen you use hide glue....I’d love to be the one to introduce you to an ageless product that often outlasts the wood!


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