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At 6:45 queen captures d4, if queen blocks, queen trade then capture knight, and if king moves then capture knight with pawn and after white queen captures pawn, black queen blocks and it is winning for white.And since the difference between 12.Buti pa si don roman at si donya soledad tanggap si dianne.In the amount of time it took him to explain y it was called s instead of snake he cuda jus namned it snake.You sound just like steven furtick lol."Crazy like Fox News.Still, I will wait, I will Watch, I will like, I will Learn.

Com1 min laterme:OMG he's IM and Be2 I should resignEric:Wot?Really nice use of the scrap wood.Software that I use is the same.After following the channel for a while, I can no longer bear anyone's commentary apart from that which Jerry gives.11 year old me could sold this but 14 year old me can not.I'm not sure if I love Tania or Ivanchuk more :).One thing I can say, THOSE ARE BADASS!But none of you high IQ's in the comments have considered that Jan knows it's Magnus, but isn't letting on, for the sake of entertainment.

Manam head bath chesinappudu.Magnus must have been paid A LOT of this extensive interview!5 minutes of actual chess instruction and 48 minutes of random blather.I don’t understand why people think that magnus is overrated.That woman’s baby.Not a single Band-Aid to be seen.Genius people s thug life.Hey this is my game!

I like that sprung joint method of joining two boards.Some other solutions for the pile 24996, 49996, 74996, 99996, (25,000).We need cheese curds plushies.Can you route a juice groove in a end grain cutting board?I will gladly have a recorded debate with anyone, including this shill.What am I missing?Collider2D col) (at AssetsScriptsTapController.

Craftsmanship should always be accompanied by

Craftsmanship should always be accompanied by

I like david he is from my country.I learned spanish in 6 months by language immersion.Yeah, this one is amazing.I can’t believe the Robertson screw is only available here in Canada!Hi, can you pleasegive theName of the composers?Too bad there's no defensive moves in this game.My favorite chess design.Qh5 is not a bad move because its loosing, but because as white you are throwing away the advantage on the second move.

6:24 PAWG gets me excited too.Wwwwwwwww that is really great movei analysed the game in the analysing board on chess.How much time will it take in oven pls reply soon.Also I noticed that picture was gone that was on the wall behind the ping pong table.Cant believe how much time you wasted talking about a fucking video game.I took stockfish 9 to 39 moves, thinking I was winning a handy game.Wow, it’s so disturbing that they could have listened to his lesson but didn’t.This is so fire!

Really not trying to offend or

Really not trying to offend or

Nice work Jimmy!How many kupa can you make?I absolutely loved this tutorial but the cake you are working with on this video looks very different from the the one on your vanilla cake recipe provided on the description box.Poor Agad, he was crushed.Enjoy your extortionate healthcare bills.Donald Trump speaks the truth, you're thinking of CNN Ben.The video no Chinese subtitles.Com Profile www.Thank you so much.

Nikki Cane

This Voldemort was by far scarier than the one we got in the last movies!

Chris Burnsed

Better than porn

Leo Harker

I'll vs you bro

Led Labz

Great job mate

Mhamed Rebiai

i like it very much


I like these videos so much. When Paul say it is poor man's, then it actually is. I it is really inspiring to see (and later use these approaches) what is possible with drill, chisel, hand saw and file. Youtube is full of videos, where poor man's tutorials requires you to have bandsaw, jigsaw with some adjusters and whatever, belt sander, drill press, CNC, space shuttle and revived dinosaur at hand.

Sam Shackleton

haha used to love this game


Jerry you're a beast! Really entertaining commentary!

Dhanya N

: )

Maggie Wang

Now I know how to draw. Thank you

Lee Sailer

Splendid commentary, as always.  Thanks

750 kV

There used to be a chess program on TV too in Hungary, back in the 80's. The display was really almost the same as that on the app. Now THAT's something you don't see on the media anymore.



Jeff Berg

A huge number of Bernie voters will come out to vote.....for Trump! Test them and find out.

Mathematics Temple

Very useful video and simple way of teaching


2 circles - one inside the other.Divide the inner circle into quarters. So the outer ring is one country,with four countries inside. Why doesn't that disprove the four color theorem?

Erasmus A. Addo

Thanks for the helpful tips


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