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2018 Nihal Sarin Moscow blitz all games

What ide do u use.I love your vids.Remember when counting from 50K or 100K.

Having player as an array is silly when it can be 0 or 1.Wow this host is good at briefing.Just how many trees were cut to make a home you will find in this videoBut I don't think it will stop the rain yet.The two others were just terrible.Would be nice if he’d give a straight answer instead of pulling out his well worn homilies.Y bahubalibackground music.

Finally seeing a romanian chess player in some standings!Do I have to use a picture from the internet or can i be creative?I'm going to show my dad :).Play some more Magnus trainer."Look what we made".0'54"Why don't Americans understand the difference between 'take' and 'bring'?It would seem just like Carlsen's videos to the average person (I would just need to black out the ratings and force myself to use pieces other than the queen).

Someone please explain.I might need to get a bigger printer.Shit drives me crazy.For once I lost after having three queens and may be rooks my opponent also ending up two queens.I need to know all the tricks.Please make video on queen and rook endgame especially focusing on how to get philidor's position.Still better at chess than any of us lol.He's kinda Camp,but a very good teacher!

Thumb up for the

Thumb up for the

FULLY RESPECET TO GREAT GARRY ANDKARJAKIN THEDEFENSEMINISTER JOKING BUT ITS TRUE SAME TIME!Don't make killing right.The bestbox store wood I have found is the pink colored 2x4 which is yellow pine or red douglas fir.In response I would play N C2.Putting your thumbs over his sidehair makes Morphy go from haircut from past to Friends' cast.31:25 - could someone explain what happened here?Did anyone notice there were glowing red eyes behind the water heater 20:59.This thing is sturdy as hell.Not an expert at a chess but I don't understand the blunder at 1:15 ?I think it cost 1.

Thanks I went through the tutorial step by step.Also show some example games.Your explanations are so quick and yet so informative and easy to follow.I also saw black replying with Ng4, followed by Bh6, winning my queen.I can’t today because I’m only a kid.Except, IMO, the rock structure, which, still looks like wadded up paper to me.800 rupees loss of having to pay the other shopkeeper.

It's draw, isnt it?

It's draw, isnt it?

I think that even if heshe could get an advantage from the middle game heshe would need to keep playing the hardest part of the game.Yoshihisa Kurosawa (game designer) made this game in two days with his friend who is a programmer from Enix.) The 15 bombers of VS-8 split off (found the Hornet using homing beacon) from the 18 of VB-8, which attempted to locate the Japanese carriers by turning southeast and then after 30 mins turned left Northeast (box search) to find the Japaneseand or Hornet.I mean 2, 3 either.Annoying commercial at 53:54, so be prepared.Excellent, excellent video series.Seems light for lignum, but.When people actually care about classical music while animating :O.Looks like Alireza is below the level of super gm yet.Part of the soundtrack of my late teens early 20's, back in the day.


Hey John, i really am enjoying the Rating Ladder climb. I especially liked the last gane with Santiago. Its good to watch and learn classical chess. Excited to follow the rest of the ladder climb vids. Keep it up

Danijel Mulugeta

The other Alekhine-Botvinnik game from Nothingham is also fantastic and is worthy of comment. It was a very complex and famous draw in Sicilian dragon - a rare opening for that era.

eder jasse ferreira


Red Rhino

Was that a Rolex lol

balamurali Nair



When will Americans start using proper measurements, this cup and stick crap is so imprecise.


Shes a very sweet instructor

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