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2019 Yearly Blitz Arena

I'll have to try it!Sounds similar to another song i cant remember it.He does a companion of his face to the epoxy resin one.

Ano pa hahanapin ng management?

Ano pa hahanapin ng management?

Wow very nice simply beautiful and inspiring.He helped me a lot and this is my way of appreciation.GO CHEAFS LOVE YOUR SHERT!I wonder if Ben’s girlfriend that he talks about at the beginning of lecture is Karen.I can beat him online but not in person.UrRosen shows his humanity.Why would they call themselves THE AMERICANS?Completely normal.This is exactly what I've been waiting for.

Omfg he's soooooo hot!The adult guy was laughing his ass off inside with the confused kids.Also, thanks to some of the comments, I'm checking out some other channels to help :).He gave up wayyyyy too early.5:14 jimin laugh :'3 UwU.Daviil Dubov looks like one of those spoiled rich kids from movies who is good at everything.But most of them don’t even know each other existence.And they're not being taught the importance of the housefoundation they're standing on because it's all about the money.The OFFICIAL stopping point.

Great job Suren.

Great job Suren.

5:34 Music plss.How much do u charge for these.Especially the fruit guys haha.Congratulations very beutifull.Kasparov zugzwangs karpov in crazy sicilian.

Chessnetwork 1:32:15 You didnt missed anything,

Chessnetwork 1:32:15 You didnt missed anything,

" - laughed out loud at that moment.Good animation game."Guessing" a bishop sacrifice without doing any calculations or having any idea why it's a winning move doesn't count as finding the winning move.2020 l kanunnavar like.The very word "Benoni" means "Son of Sorrow.After playing this kinds of games for 5 years.00:00-01:24 song is like saying goodbye music.Artwork is fabulous.

Theo Vonn has

Theo Vonn has

1:58 track chart is wrong.Its a horny bishop.Molt become pro day by day.And when lebron drops a 34 point triple double on his head people say that he’s trying to hard against a rookie.That was very interesting how you did that but for me the background music make me want to kill myself.

Ni org sarapannye ster ama benteng mulu kali

Ni org sarapannye ster ama benteng mulu kali

Kind of like Jozarov’s recent video.Not really cause I work at the airport y they ask to arrive 2 hours because we of to pack the cargo container and then take it to the airplane and then load the aircraft.I mean who wouldn't wanna build a shotgun out of rollercoasters, with people as ammounition.Let's test him anyway !Zum hinstellen ganz niedlich !Finally, Ra3 forced checkmate.

Level Up

All demons with ocd will be summoned if you offset it

Kino -Imsure1200q

i solved it in 1 second.get 1 matchthrow itplace it back where it was.3 moves :)

Lauren Christie

Would never kill a woman unless she, herself, was a killer yet physically abused his wife

labib ul

U missed a checkmate on 7:12 queen to d8

Tom Tobin

I'm interested in the blue things that I see holding up the block. What are those called?

Bruce Blackmon

Very nice!!


you in arizona or saint george?


At 5:13 simply move the bishop to b5 it will lead to checkmate

Yoga with Carlos

Thanks for your videos John. I feel that I have learnt a lot by watching your videos. I still have a million miles to learn, but overall, I think I see the board a little different now, and by using some of your tips I am slowly improving my game.

Arun arun


M palakshi

My dad names

Dev Everything

whats the best way to attach this to the counter b ase?


That's really cool

scottsarchitecture hildebrand

Wonderful research,thanks!USA


1:02 Carlson casually listening to riding dirty


I have found my purpose!

Narada Ian

Holy Moly - a youth orchestra playing original instruments ...the precision and concentration and many looking heaven sent, i know a lot of youth orchestra performances.....this is in a wholly different league.Thanx Be


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