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24 Day 1 Scene - Jack Bauer CIA field work \ Falls into sleep

This guy is so full of himself.I'd work for 200 hours for 1000 bucks lol.10:58 tal is the motherforker.Creeper Explosion.I rather have a nice wooden set for playing.Email tinsonmartin763Gmail.I never heard of Iroko wood before, but never heard of Sapele either but bought a piece this week!This would be great for cooking road-kill opossum seasoned to taste with secret Hobo spices.

Hip-hop niggas want to be feminine dressing in tight clothes carrying purses mumbling RB niggas went from turn off the lights and light a candle I love your beautiful skin your sexy eyes to give me some head eat ypur ass now call an Uber get out rappers was hardcore manly now bitches fruitcake with colorful hair and ignorant.I mean that's the best name everboglyboglyboglybov.Kids are so funny.Am I the only one who sees this?Just 5 minutes ago i wanted to complain, that youtube chess channels mostly cover games from the handfull of SuperGMs and their tournament games.And that's a fact I'm not ashamed to admit.If white values his immovable knight and trades a rook, simplifying the board after that would become a lot easier, and you could play Rook vs Knight and Pawn position at that point, with the added bonus of 2 3rd rank pawns (not passed nor can they become such without help from the rook, but they exist nonetheless) on the opposite side of the board from the king.

Good layout and sharp

Good layout and sharp

I cannot find mymoviemorgue.Fuck it look like we was born 1675?Did you have the opponent's permission to film this, Magnus?Looks like you coughed up that idea )  hahaha I'm too funny!For sure the american air force would not be able to get the bomb over to japan to drop it in the time frame as discussed in history.Twitch needs the champ, i could watch you play chess all day.

After queen takes bishop, the a1 rook is hanging, and the queen can't try to go to a5 to protect it without being attacked by the black queen because that square guarded by the other knight.Ju wszystko dodane.You are a beast with that circular saw and square.Stairway to Heaven.What about a d10?

I am retired and on a fixed income so I can't afford one of your boards but was fascinated with the process.No reason to use enamelled wire, use insulated.Ko bng hu tng tng hu.Happy Halloween, KC.Wow Dilip what an acting superb.I thought I was the only one who loses completely winning endgames.

Had the exact puzzle.

Had the exact puzzle.

(dunno the name in english ).What about for beginners who will most likely not do a TON of woodworking in the future but have a decently large DIY project?All the cliches that we Europeans associate wit the south of America are fulfilled in this crime show!Actually if carlsen took with the rook at the end when diren did his last trap defense, it would be winning for ding cuz he could take and there would only be 1 queen for him and none for magnus.I really thought that there would a lot of deflection.Were not going take it top 5.We are all waiting for thatFeanor video:).Im sure that when you would have played him without knowing it was him that u played way way better than u did now.

Nancy Zaracho

Buen vdeo maestro:)

Angela Bunch

I have just one question Are you ever going to learn to quit messing with Ouija boards? lol Your videos are great without putting yourself and your soul in harms way. I worry about you. I'm praying God will keep you safe and protect you from so much evil. Daily dose of Danny is awesome. I like it a lot...I've never seen a tree that big in my life and I'm pretty old. LOL 3:30 camera is so blurry. 11:18 sounded like a woman growling to me or she's breathing hard. 11:53 in the middle of that huge tree it looks like a baby or maybe a baby doll sitting on the trunk of the tree. 13:07 maybe the footprints belong to the baby it just seen at 11:53 . 13:31 look to the right of the big tree it's a girl sitting on the trunk. Maybe it's the mother of the baby. 17:13 look at the mist.20:04 I see the black shadow but I think it could be your backpack but it did look bigger than your backpack. 22:01 mist. 22:33 someone walking on bridge. Sounded like someone wearing boots


Why that guy looks like Obama

Mario Tamez

Mole mole mole

Dan Kelly

You never played in OTB tournaments? I played in local OTB tournaments off and on over the years.

manu sarda

These problems were too easy for even an 15 year oldThere wasn't much psychology involved in solving them but just sharpness of mind

Michael Quigley

does this game have multiplayer bughouse? that is so much fun to play with friends.

Smug Smugly

I was at Las Vegas Mcarran Int Airport in 1976, when this guy approached me in the parking lot. He said I could make money rasing chinchillas. He said he had some of the furry little varmits in the trunk of his car. So I wnet over to his car and when he opened the trunk somebody hit me over the head a pipe or something. When I woke up my wallet, credit cards, and cash were gone. Somebody saw me laying there and called an ambulence and police. The cops told me this guy had been working the area for months they were unable to catch him. I left that night and went back to Phoenix. I would careful of people saying you could make money on chinchillas.

Koen Th

12:34 why e5 for a draw when exd5 is simply winning??


yo steve, why do you have the saltire flag on your cars bumper?

Sam van Hoytema

I'm amazed it didn't break down at 42

Rainy Daze

I want to be as positive about life as the instructor is about their art!

Branden Bravo

I say pawn to g5 putting his king in check. Black would then move his king to h5 to get out of check. Then move rook to h7 taking his pawn then making it to checkmate.

M Tan

It's an insult to the composer and the performer by inserting advertisements in such a beautiful performance.YouTube should be ashamed of it!!!


Simply phenomenal craftsmanship. And the quality of the video, the helpful narration... Fantastic!


Can I use long life milk to make butter milk???

Mayur Lalwani

Awesome u r the best

Mikus Mikula

How can you be reach?


Thumbnail tho...


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