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300 Heroes MOBA Anime ! Jotaro Power of Ora Ora Ora Ora !

I'm curious how many others?Keep up the great job.Just because it doesnt bother me at all which way the board faces and i could read more whiny comments from ungrateful chess fans.That awkward moment when there is a Ultimaker in the printing room for Prusalab.You can't fit everything into the video, but it's 2 and half minutes of useless inevitable drivel that's spouted before anything useful.

Just a quick question about cast iron if someone could be so kind.Ido agree with the gentleman who suggested letting in the back panel.I've watched Numberphile long enough to realize that the fun part of the video comes after they explain the problem, solve the orginal example, then say, "okay.Ithokke aanu movieeee.Woot woot for bdm.Very great information, I lo e the "let's learn together" mentality.Beautiful simple looking design!He needs to go play pro.I learned a lot from your work!You do all realize that anywhere from 20k to 100k people in the USA alone, die EVERY year from the flu.

Min 8:19 missed white moves bishop d5.Can someone tell what jerry missed at 1:31:59 ?I am 667,000 sub because I didn't like 666.Best video ever.Wouldn’t we all loved to have a teacher like him!Well done indeed !Takes all pieces offered and chucks around his captured pieces.1:00 what if they play bishop to c5?

This is amazing, its the same price with similarly priced games as the xbox or PlayStation.That’s why I hang out in my workshop away from the crowd because people suck.That was fantastic.Make a bigger cut out and take out the old circuitboard and epoxy completely - old circuit boards are cheap (free) so why not just redo the insert hole with new material?But to prove me wrong you must try to enrol electrical engineering program and you will see the difference.He better make those Adam driver jokes every episode now.Four of Andreikin's powerful pieces bearing down on Carlsen's pawn on f7 in the middle game, and Andreikin's four pawns versus Carlsen's two in the endgame.8:30 And why just one step forward?I didn't think there was another miter saw like my dad left me anywhere !They're bizarrely relaxing.

" and "SHHHH" while streaming.You are a good interviewer.Many times, brass is the only answer, and slot head is better than Phillips because the slot is deeper than the little grooves of in a Phillips brass screw.I'm in love with that pop-out control panel.Even numbers feel male to me, and most odd numbers are female (though for some reason 5 is male!Who is this nerd playing chess on the internet like he was something else.

We used it to

We used it to

I will actually give an exam at university on logic circuits, combinatorial logic, sequential logic and stuff like these and i am getting super exciting over dominoes, Matt is a great teacher.Very nice and so easy also.At - 36:00 why, after the proposed e5 by white, can black not capture the pawn.Andy, it was amaizing, you have a gold hans!BrI've been thanking you for any help.It's like algebra.He also did better in Blitz, which didn't count towards the final score, but it might have done if the organisers decided to change the rules at the last minute.


Army hammer

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Fun fact if you put a mirror around the earth you'd be considered a god

Nguyn Nhn

Hello everyone, i want to say thay my guitar was broken, and i dont have enough money to buy new guitar :(( anybody can give me a old guitar? Please:((


You should enable some guest account I hate to register before I check out the product, also for a casual game I don't want rating adjustment.


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