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Magnus is a chess magician.Would it be possible (at least in theory) to extract values from for example a chord to get the individual notes.I think Keith is kinda good, definitely good at drawing Alex.I miss those videos so much.

Awesome looking totally relaxing to watch I fell asleep three times so I hit backwards button few times?Am I the only one who liked Chess-TD more than this?That was raw domination.Well now I got extra batteries for my Squonk lol.The level 3 chefs onion rings be looking like Funyuns.I'd love to follow or see any of your tutorials.Sir please make a video on " Tal vs Bobotsov".Bg cara skakmat 2 langkah kayak mana bang kalau ada buatin vidio nya y.

Nothing else to do but enjoy the

Nothing else to do but enjoy the

Thanks for posting!It's just not who he is.It starts at 7:05.The Chuck Norris Engine.So, I don't know if it matters or not, I only say something because you're always saying trademark patented when you do it, but there's another Poketuber that I just ran into here on Youtube that does the guess the energy game on his channel.Good luck stopping it with no dark square bishop and your knight out of place.Kevin won't shut up--He's doesn't even come up for air.Remember that Ramanujan was the infinity guy.Beautiful job man !

This is definitely 1

This is definitely 1

They should do what’s inside a Nintendo switch (all the things that come with it).Such patience and talent.Some great creative videos on your channel, just subscribed ) I also started a small woodworking channel if you would like to have a nosy :).Sorry if it seems like a long question I’m just wondering?Though mL is useful), and less practical for everyday measurements than the common system.Just tell me what field you want to camp out with me in and I'll give you a 6 month head start to prepare dumbass.

Hard bass is Bad ass

where did you go

Yan Yan

Wait did Loki and the horse mate or something and Loki gave oooohhh

Thomas Marshall

Looks like Goodyear reinvented the wheel.

luie Anna

10:24 did Eugene say fullnerabilty




I have put an end grain glue up through a table top planer and yes, it does end the world

Chelsea Peterson

Why would he stab them that many times ? Usually a killer only does that if they know the person.

Teufel Hunden1371

Do you come up with these ideas all on your own? I have a difficult time with creativity

Legitimacy X

How does he have a highschool sweet heart

Shahbaz Ansari

Very nice

Micah Lee

Just when you thought Super Mario Maker was hard

Brian Sinclair

Wow! Anand wasMr Cool in this game!

Pi Afiz

Hebatlah..Penghasilan videonya consistent..Idol. Haha


What is the point of making ur time less

dr.pradeep m m

kindly analyse akiba rubinstein vs carl schletcher. san sabastein 1912


My favorite move by Magnus is from his game vs Nakamura in London 2015, his Kxf6 is one of the greatest moves I've ever witnessed.

Colin Gouveia

does anyone else think linus use the word surprisingly well too much also sounds like a lesbian lol

DJ imshuki

Attila abi adamsn

Uniwhale Hi

We have gravity maze at our school


Great vid mate, Very informative and interesting, i have a RF97 with VS touch 57 mains and 4g 54 crosses.This is a hard racquet to master.No way can I play a comp with it but I love practicing and hitting with my kids with it.(Not literally hitting my kids with the racquet by the way, lol) I can totally understand why the RF97 is a best seller but I believe so many people could be playing better tennis if they demo’d a tonne of racquets and find the perfect one for them, but marketing is a powerful thing i guess.Great vid.


Do more against the computer! :)

Keith Barker

Love watching your videos. Please may we see a few minutes of video of this Bob Sled in action?Keep up the amazing work


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