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This is the first time i see Carlsen scared.IT WAS AWESOME OF YOU TO MAKE ONE FOR THE NEIGHBOR.Horse would be pinned.Very cool continuity between the american revolution video and the french revolution video with Citizen Louis Capet the Headless.Whether yall was there or not the event was bad.I love what you are doing, just not at the point where I can play it as you demonstrate.

Nogalesaz, GameStop didn't had them.SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXBEALADOSHISBLESSINGS AND THANKS A B C.Am I the only one that likes watching these videos just to watch these 1200s and 1400s get their ass's handed to them by John?Mai roz khelta hu grandmaster aur prasann andha s bhi khel chuka hu aur ek bat ye koi trick nhi ye tabhi work krega jb opponent tumhare bataye chal chalenge.Feeling Aman's frustration through the screen.

It is what a track saw is primarily made to replicate, a way to break down large sheet goods, only the panel saw is faster and with less human error.That is beautiful craftsmanship.You can always find them.Patient: Ok, whats the good news.I feel bad for these two players if they actually heard Aman.That last Nf3 move defined as "calm move" is such a beautiful last move.

And where is this door going to hang.This man was a god among men.This stuff about being forced to play until the point of hating the idea of playing is very familiar.Longbows and recurves.Absolutely mind blown!Queen to b8, Knight to e7,and Queen to g8, Checkmate!Did Magnus get a camera stand?Totally radical, man.

Sweet home alabama.

Sweet home alabama.

But at 4200I would have the adjustable arm pivoted from angle piece and clamp on the factory fence side so you can keep down pressure with out reachinf over the fixture,ce.I've always heard it's really unsafe but you made it look so dang simple lol.19:33 how did the bishop get there?Square shape k bartan mn design kese bnaen?When I first saw the video I didn't think it would be so in depth and amazing.It is a privilege and a pleasure to watch you work.Thanks in advance for the answer :).

Chess is a very simple game.She’s so positive.Moe, please, bring back the metal intro!It be like how Russia or the US isn't all self contained but it's colored the same because it's the same place politically.And what focus group patted him on the back for proposing said gimcracks in the first place?So nice to not be constantly working in a cloud of dust in the shop with shavings everywhere.I really liked the animations back then.

vikpun XD

or- i square root 1

Cool Kid BMX

Came here from the latest kurgestata video talking about how stars are born

gil boston

I spent my 37 minutes watching this video as curious. You have a good skills. I used to fix my old computers when we have to reset jump / IDE cable with master and slave all that. For people who dont know anything about computers, the best thing is open the computer, remove the hard drive and connect to usb cable and transfer to a working computer. Saving everything on clouds is another good option when a computer breaks, or reinstall OS.

Bartlomiej Pazderski

Instead of 39.Rxh5 what about Nxc4? Winning?

What up Fam?

What is the name of the black gold paint that you used?

Maniac Earth

Should such articulated, complex (SOUNDS SMART), NON fake news?Who are you?You have the intelligence capability of such brilliant design to control and even mimic us.Or maybe its the other way around, either way, Let it be noted to the architect.Neo

Carter Tune

I just started playing chess. I am currently about a 1100 but your videos have really been helping me! I would love the opportunity to play you! If you have the time let me know!

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