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3 Basic Opening Strategy Principles | Chess

IT IS STRATEGY GAME NOT A CHESS GAME.I don't exactly understand this part about sqrt(-5) and 'i' - with 'i' I can also make products that are made with 2 sets of prime numbers for example: 10 2 5 (3 i)(3-i) - may someone clarify this to me?Any suggestion to improve or just playing puzzles on Lichess will do the trick?Not true,all so called "the great" are banksters invention.But since i'm already here.The one thing I'd add to this process is right before adding the mineral oil is to spray it real wet with water to raise the grain, then sand it down with 220 grit, then spray a second time and sand with 400.Every cool joel.Good lord this guy is a friggin' BOOB!

"did they blunder?Hard to focus on game with good looking ladies.First time watching and I got hooked because of the way you explaining the moves.I find it disgusting that the clip they decide to show out of the match is Danny flexing.I have been waiting for this so long.Print(" ") for (int jyj1j--) System."b4, the Evan's Gambit -- which was NOT played.

What is Dubov

What is Dubov

She has always a pair or so.Nobody ain’t say shit about DVSN that nigga rnb af.42:50 Magnus calculates several variations each at least 5 to 7 moves deep.some serious facts to ponder upon.Matt Parker doesn't say "Bear with me" nearly as much as he used to, lol.Epic build, brilliantly done!He gave the woman 1000 in cash and merchandise, then gave 1000 cash to other shop." Me: you can't win without a king.Impressive to see Jerry holding his own (at least positionally) in such a strong field.Misquitos’give me your blood’.

Why not just let black take and retake and then those disastrous exchanges just don't occur.To much bubbles, and epoxy blue to dark.Excellent content and production as usual.70K Subscribers in Dec 2017.Mother language for all the language and numberz.This is pointless unless there actually separated by rooms or buildings.

Xaka 10

i love u gosuuuuuuuuu wtf

Sanjeev Dandekar

Amazing strategic game by Ivanchuk

abdul fafo

Really nice tnx for sharing

That's how I used to travel my mom's body

Gothic Zwo

there is only one world champion, lol

Adam Balm

At 13:10 Stockfish could have played RXQ


I think this beautiful already furniture need more details, It wass very poor.

O Larsson

As a fellow woodworker i am in awe of your level of detail, I hope you get paid well enough to make a good living. Because you deserve it.


10:10why not take the pawn ??

sabrina Geranco

Everybody don't treated your mother like that

jacob bogers

NIce, good comments

Edmund Flanagan

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Vctor Hugo Ramrez Delgado

The last movement, Be1, is beautiful.


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