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The animations are perfect - they clarify what's being said so well.Extremely superb work.I wish I have all ur tools.

And all my games end up beeing the london still :(.Chess with Suren.Does anyone else get so irritated when you see them cut open and destroy expensive and things you wish u had?Please don't put down Canada- I'm a Canadian and a fan of your page- felt that was unwarranted :.He has said the word "interest" dozens of times but never explains where this interest is coming from.The title sounds highly depressing.Enaknya hitam memakan pake pion D atau B.

3:51 Rock e1 is very nice move.Yeah, he’s got it.I forgot how the animation battle was, but I guess you can only get it when you actually play a match.I don’t like this guy.17:30 In case that someone in audience fell asleep, they have all electric chairs.It's been a a TOUGH road and challenge.Hey Steve, could you give an honest opinion on that band saw from Harbor Freight?Your commentary is great and your genuine amazement and surprise make your channel one of the truly best!DNice job Miss Kosteniuk D.

Imagine watching hikaru

Imagine watching hikaru

Basically, I know what pieces can go where lol.Lots of work goes into it, prep takes time.Not long after I make boxes this beautiful, the alarm goes off.7:14 rollar coaster.On 13:40 why not take the bishop ?Thay v vua en i e8 th a hu v b8.This its very helpful thank you so much.

Gracias, apenas me intereso

Gracias, apenas me intereso

B5 instead of A5 would give black a big advantage in the long term, ending up with an extra piece after long analysis and a winning position with a passed pawn.11:21 "Navara allows Magnus to start pushing his pawn"Can anyone explain why he did this move?I sure will use all your tips in this video and some or all of your organization ideas.He is not afraid to attack.Is fir a good idea for bench top?You can us the rest of itfor holding pieces of stock for sanding or planning.Gracias por ensear.Thanks they really pump up my game when I watch them it also shows the love for the game you have as well.

15:25 FANTASTIC idea for slightly longer screws !The thumbnail and the title are super GM material.That s not a knife.Is this kid from woodbrew yours?Excelente trabajo.Loved the video Moe, be safe though!Kung sino talaga yung mga taong hindi marunong magpahalaga sila pa yung mga mareklamo.I recently made a few very large and important curves in my work.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I would appreciate a proper time estimate before I decide to make one my own :) Thanks for sharing this awesome project!It seems it would.I solved the candleproblem by pretending it wasnt there.An interesting approach to making a Backgammon board.That's a really nice router table!



Mwangi Kimani

There is definitely a slightly bias to brilliant tactical finishes,... however in my opinion the greatest moves by Carlsen are subtle positional moves, not fun for the average 1300 audience but in my opinion the embodiment of his genius. The game against Karjakin 2019 Wijk (? not sure) where he gambits the h-pawn in the middle game to buy tempo for his knight moves.. To me that is more amazing.

Gaurav Negi

Wtf how did they let him join the navy

Randy Harvey

Very nicely done!

Perry Leaf

Go an look at 20:20

Neil dela Cruz

I did it

puneet bhambhu

Doesn’t he look a bit like Brett Lee

H8 R

Lincoln is actually right it is China took a little digging to find out

Tom Meyers

How NASA Reinvented The Wheel"They studied J-Lo's Booty to make it even rounder..."


This channel is amazing in every way, but please, what is that beginning music? Idk, it just sound so derpy and retro and I just need to find out what it is. (Seriously though, I've watched all the videos here and actually feel educated for once, keep up the great work! )

C. Saint-Sans

Fantastic analysis by the Ukrainian superstar. Tania doing a very solid job as usual.


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