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King woulda captured bobby's bishop.The Chinese knew how to copy and paste.I dont want Joe but I REALLY dont want Teump again either.I got twelve right (by the way the only one who watches this in my house and im only 12 years old ).Can u sell me one.Rly wanna follow along :D.

He tries so hard to sound intelligent but fails miserably.I think the rook would win.Si Ipe pala ang gumanap na Digong.I am surprised that you are trying to show how to properly use a tablesaw, and show a second push stick to push in the board.You know,when Quirrel died,I guess Voldemort's nose fell off,hense he has no nose in TGOF.He does advise some other moves than the ones you suggest.Thank you very much.Master Dave - Thank you so very much, I have really enjoyed this series of videos of the bobsled!May I know at what temperature to bake the cake in convection mode.When the database was first made available to the public and everyone was checking it out, a lot of people would find some of these characters in their direct ancestry and I think it's safe to say that at least some of that generation are everyone's common ancestors.

You need to do a

You need to do a

You all think he was defeated by his webcam, but if his opponent had a second webcam, Magnus would still have won.Gonna try this combo.Hi Abby, Love your channel and Thanks for sharing!LOVE YOU LALETTA.Fellow DD players, where you at?Great video nevertheless the only system that made a profit is EasyLaptop Life.

And little helpers to always Lift the Spirit !Please share more of these :) This was really fun to watch.Thank you so much, very very interesting!'Liberal' is not a positive thing here.I just want to be in the Zero Dimension- like fr, I dont have to cry over the 4th Dimension because I can't imagine it because I'm just a freaking point.You'd probably love it!


This one icon of MediaEncoder that looks like a total error in comparison to all other logos only containing letters.

Dave M

38 pounds of sawdust, 2 pound bowl.Dont let him near an electric pencil sharpener with your new box of pencils.Really though, nice work!

Kevin Nick

Nepo is lowkey gay wtf r those expressions haha

Tamerlane Chess Club

But the 4 x 2 rectangles are arbitrarily placed. If you turn them so that they are horizontal instead of vertical then it is Bob who is leaving the group not Alice.

Thomas Mallon

That kid's name is "the kid that screams" now


Nice video! Keep them comming! )

Jens Christian Tvilum

But what about "-,():" and all the others?

Punny 22

I love this episode the most the most

trendsetters lovely

Question 15 not understand


i like this

Markell Perry

Anybody else try to find the link wit the leaks???? Did you find it cause I didn’t lol

Zeke Buzby

So my lady and I where looking at replacing our cabinetry and what we where looking at is close to $1000 a cabinet. I think I could do this thank you:-))

shauryaditya singh

Love your videos , keep posting the good stuff !!!

Mario Comparan

i dont consider it the best move

Seyyam Khuram


Calon Milyader Indonesia



I wonder how many games Hikaru has actually played in his life...

romaijn llolk

I see Martin happy, so i'm happy

Titus 2:13

The Russian police are a lot like the American police.Unless the killer walks through the front door, they don't look for them...

Aritra Chatterjee

Wait... so Kramnik and Naka have switched playing styles?

Jonathan Bush

Thanks, another great video! FYI Zugzwang is pronounced "tsoogsvahng"

aldrin cuyugan

idol un move ni wesley so ay engine move po! un at my opinion ku lang po! un but pwede to open the line.


lol, thank god you cleaned up the blade housing, that finish was gonna haunt me forever.Been a lurker for a long time mate, love your videos, they're always creative and informative, and this one was no exception. Keep up the great work.

Michael Kremer

I saw use a large soda bottle .

Dave H

Wonder if this is adaptable to tight curved surfaces (glass rod?).I have to polish my lathe tools, and this could be very interesting.

Joaquim Monteiro

Still don't get why we talk about flats and sharps, if a note flat is the same as another note sharp.

Da Real don don

Chess wilder vs John Fury

John Luise Padernos

Can you atleast show us all the moves upto the end of the game before you make all your explanation. It kinda make me dizzy what really happened to the game with all your added moves then returning it back


really good video cast and overview of thedisplay


At 02:39 there is a 10 coin that doesn't have anything to do with pounds and pennies.




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