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4 Beast + 4 Cave Clan ?? Too Strong Guys!! Auto Chess Mobile

So yes, it doesn't matter what language you pick.Wont fix the bad expoxy parts, but put a large plexaglass or just glass cover and you stop the sticky issues.Can you send me Riemann’s essay please?With this video you've given me the means of realizing a project that has rattled around in my head for 20 years.Tbh i would do that until i get a correct answer lmao.I only speak for my part of your audience.Was this to prevent tearout planing across the end grain, and then you cut it off.

This guy still hasn't pass puberty?Wktu itu sya prnah lomba smpe k provinsi.Those ear movements at 1:38 are so cute.But if I were to play 2700 player I would be looking really stupid.First time watching this omg this almost made me cried most scariest video ever and god bless moe and his friend.

Sou mais o baianinho.Him: "Did you tell it what to do incorrectly or did you tell it to do the wrong thing?Thanks for sharing.Luckily I could find the mate.Would prefer to keep it simple, no real in depth concrete lines, just basic commentary.If this were an evil logicion, then who's to say that this individual would follow their own rules and let the two go?The table is beautiful as to how much it is and the little wooden pieces could give me the measurements and how many millimeters tall it could give me the measurements is very nice thanks.Smyslov variation.Gift pa skin if u want.

Great video as usual!This is where i eneded lol.Pretty neat lighter, but super obvious the fuel is in the ring.Sounds like the movie falling down.It is a pity Ojanen should have a chance to study chess like the greats Tal Fischer.Great way to finish off my day and get ready for school tomorrow :) thanks for another entertaining video!Killers just can't relate to real people.5:23 black rook from left corner to 8c would have given her a shot at both white rooks.Ofcourse the knightgambit was a outright blunder in the first place, oppponents like that have zero instructual value!

Is it possible to get king vs king fight animation?Don't you thinks it's much much more harder than factorization or quadratic formula?If one of those is the case, the other is always also true.At the start it sounded soo suspicious.They must have many things that need a shelf.Life is strange 2 u.In regards to the test, it was probably pretty pointless, since you hammered along the direction where the biscuit isn't actually holding anything.Following this even though I know it all already :).That way, we would still see the helpful arrows and circles that you draw, but there would no longer be the distraction of seeing the "wandering hand" all over the board, which can be very distracting.

But, you could have rounded and saved time.Thank you Steve, your instructions are so concise and clear.The price point is fair based on the technology itself though.Moderates will vote for whomever the nom is but Bernie voters will not!But I’ve yet to find one where the juice groove is bigger.

Hamid Mazuji

it would be nice to be able to 'like' this game twice, however, if i click on 'like' again, it will only 'unlike' it

sound wave6


Stannis Doyle-Wood

Every time I watch a video Adam has a different set of hair

Daniel Macculloch

5:20 he means 1, 500 not 15, 000 right?


Anyare sayo macmac


A "Scraper" is a piece of apiary equipment used to scoop out bee pollen, could be a good shovel name?

Admiral Good Boy

Thats a lie weapons have been around since the ice age


I am not good at mathematics but love your videos, Thank you..

Zai C

i finished it the whole vid thats very remarkable that u got everybody!

Nick Mullins

Can anyone tell me what kind of collet chuck that is a 10:30?

top illin

so sad

AlekVen's stupidface

7:13 This really does look like a rotation in 3D rather than some purely 2D transformations. Cool.

Ariansyah Anwar

Naro Chess = Ketika semua Legend GM Catur bereinkarnasi wkwk

Miss Lisa NL

Verry Nice! I love watching you channel...

Cole Reynolds

Jay the black stone is most likely sphalerite. It is a mineral that is high in sulfur, the rotten egg smell. Sphalerite is a very important ore in zinc.


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