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4 Kişilik Satranç Modu - Ben Tek Siz Hepiniz

How is this DIY?"Well you're the world fucking champion.It keeps the game exciting and keeps me on my toes.Proud of Ukraine!I solved the sheep one and the very hard one.Some people seem to have an issue with the idea that A already knows that B has 6 or 8 trees, so clearly at most 18.I had the same issue with a band saw box I tried.Great talk, made me into a new subscriber.

" but you don't even want to, because the subtheme changes so often it doesn't become boring, but the main theme stays the same (sort of) so it doesn't become a random mess.American players are too spoiled.Lady buys it and gives 1000(fake or real doesnt matter as its not going in shopkeeper's pocket yet), shopkeeper has 0(as he gave the bag)3.This Simon guy is a real prick.

That's what I'm trying to say.2:03:48 ooo DrDrunkenStein.Perfect for price point.I do get things done though, during nap times and just after bed time, and in the morning, if I get up early enough.That aside, what a beautiful table!Birds stomach are really small.3:14 me everyday.11:00 I love this song to bits and this section to the end in particular.29:10Rook D1-D2 is the only way to protect white's G3 pawn.

One question-suggestion for you - maybe you

One question-suggestion for you - maybe you

You really should think about making several of these to sell!The exploration of ideas and mixing of many skills and mediums mesmerize me as I'm watching waiting to see the final outcome.I’m here to learn something I already don’t know.Why didn’t u Show The person.For instance, a King placed on e4 can get to c5 in only 2 moves whereas a Knight placed on e4 needs FOUR moves to occupy c5.I paused your video more than 3-4 times on this one.

Jjdd aired him 30.Awesome video, Jerry!Videos too dark for my liking.My cousin is a duck.Fine gold Learn something from Yasser,.

Band people have been offended.Be6(or Bb3 or Ba2) 3.This guy is salty.Bang lu pakai apk apa?And if white moves king first, and then black doesn't take the pawn, white has lost a tempo unnecessarily.Es bien n whatnot.Anybody reading the comments umm there's gonna be a tax for that.I dont even smoke but now i want a pipe hahahah.

Mysterious Union

working well


I have always liked this Channel !

Mr. Wham

Anwar more biased for nwx and twork than I am for South Carolina, Anwar listen to me twork got raped it was a 30. If the culture saying he got 30d we can't all be lying.


Jerry you're killing me with your reactions and all the random clicks you're making..! :] More 5min tournies please, they're the best! :)

Dominoe A

I’ve been knowing about the caged system but not like this my mind had been blown away , great lesson

Tim Wake

reminds me of Mr.Bean

Dejota Ferreira

eu quero

Douglas Bull

was movie wolfcreek inspired by this bastard.itbwasvabout backpackers in Sydney being stalked and killed by a phyco who would try to cut there spine to paralyze them


What kind of paint is used?


Bert is looking more and more like Tom's version of Bert from his dance video.

Anish Krishnan

This is awesome. :)

Jesna Jabir

Beautiful.. can i use any other tool instead of surgical blade?

Abby V

Where's the build and emblem? geez


springfeild mo

Alexander Alekhine

7:20 when you’re trying to hit the word minimum on an essay


Awesome video bro

Nicholas Fernando

"This guy sees a lot" lol

Johnny Tromboukis Woodworks

Very cool!! I'm making an end grain chess set right now


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