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50 SEHR SCHWERE Fragen zu Herr der Ringe!

Hello, could you explaing a little more the meaning of making a var "selection" ?Im tryna elevate my game from 300 to 3000.Foldy is saying you can take the printer as a carry on?This is so instructional!Seriously, I'm halfway decent at chess, but these moves are crazy.Work smarter not harder-oldskool !I don't see you are calling functions, only defining them.I cannot believe how dumb this guy is is he for real.

We want more about the Keplar planets.Which oil you used.Is seems player one must have had an integer number of possible moves.It can only be learned".I'm not gonna lie I forgot sprayway existed.Great video production too!

I want the establishment to

I want the establishment to

YAAAAASSSSSSSSS.One thing it did well was cover what the TNG crew did between the destruction of the Enterprise D, and the Construction of the E.Just call a turd a turd and be done with it.I see brave greek history here.Why be negative and call it pathetic?What a great man !

Ive got a new idea.

Ive got a new idea.

You should title it "kingscrusher vs nakamura".But, for some reason it's (Alt Shift I) to bring up the Inspect window in Chrome for me instead of 'Ctrl'.I made a washer.Aaah no closer guess we're going to go have to try a different coster.Currently working through your back catalogue as a recent subscriber.Good game for two strong GM players.First time watching this video.

23:40 isn't chess.

23:40 isn't chess.

It seems to me that this vice was early on extremely forced beyond its intended torque and snapped and then abandoned.Jerry, please show Emanuel Lasker sometime, please!Mrengler1 don't know jerry thinks too many moves deep for me sometimes.Why didnt arka capture rook on e8 and just trade a queen for a rook and bishop?Anyone here because tomorrow have competition.This way of "war" is so complexly brilliant it becomes an Art.

Omg just get to the fucken chess moleface.

Omg just get to the fucken chess moleface.

" The Spartans simlpy replied with a single word: "IF.Similar RCA machine was built into 2 consoles in my high school language lab.I'm kinda new to this, so there might be something I'm not seeing, but it seems to me that as the panel that is the checker board expands and contracts (probably expands since you made this in the wintertime), those miter joints on the absolutely gorgeous frame are going to blow open.Nice u have a great future.All riddles are pretty easy).Similar tape system war in data backup tapes?We need some "the counter blunder is real" shirts.The girl is ugly af.What a treat for saturday night!

At about 4 minutes you

At about 4 minutes you

No one:Literally no one:Allie ball tear resistant.I think real life has a better application for the diverging diamond, as safety is the priority over traffic flow.Is this because those complex factors((25i)(4-10i)) are not prime?These days I believe the same set is about, or just under, 150 dollars.In the first situation: if he escapes Kd8 then Qxd8!For fun I just took away one grain.After watching it 674 times, at half speed, and taking copius notes filling up 42 pages so far.Jeez, i don't like clingy people, especially guys, but i aint gonna give up 10.Where are the games of alpha zero against itself?


Love your channel

Alpha Sigma Sezn

Yousef Imran

Subed. Great camera by the way.


Bernie wants to lead a Communist takeover of America. It is NOT going to happen. He can pander all he wants to. The Intelligent People of America will not allow this Communist to destroy everything good about our Great Nation.IN TRUMP WE TRUST!AMERICA FIRST!MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!KEEP AMERICA GREAT!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

nanahcuB nimajneB

We’ll just ignore the wave property of light for this problem


I mean, you always gotta be early. If you're flying international you gotta be there a few hours prior if you get caught up in customs

Azathoth Hastur

18:01 Linus is a great holy I love this guy more than I did ever before now!! fucking awesome!

Yash Patel

Which is better a horse or a bishap

Vidhi Awasthi

How can i rotate the blocks? plz help me


lmao why arethey so nice to each other XD


Hey folks! I want to buy my first chess book to read about strategies, famous games, and the logic behind those. Please suggest.I have basic understanding of chess, am 1100 at and play regularly, but now want to go deeper into this beautiful game.Also, thank you Agad for bringing doggo back on the couch!

Claude Bedard

The old movie about Midway with actors such as Malden and Heston was extremely accurate.Hollywood was so foolish to cast a clown like Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz!Nimitz was a wise, soft spoken man.Harrelson is more like the idiot he played in the Hunger Games movies.

Gautam N

Mf coughers

Khang Minh

Fold it 103 times we will get to the edge of the observable universe


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