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70 Year Old Great Grandpa teaching the Art of Boxing

Any downside to this or am I missing something?"Those weapons of mass destruction have to be somewhere, nope not over here, maybe over there.According to wikipedia.

I didn't come here for frozen jokes and cheesy accents I just wanted to watch some good chess.Inhale NAZIIIIIIIII!Import randomchoices (True, False)runs 100001daysum 0for i in range(runs):numdays 0seeds 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1while 1 in seeds:numdays 1for j in range(0, 6):transform random.At 9:49 why not black Knight left of bishop and queen gone.I'm sure that's been taken care of, but I don't think you mentioned it.Mattinee Now, Upload.Mis adventure in Pearl Harbour,else Britain will be as British colony of Germany.It's always a pleasure to watch Mr.

Interestingly depth 19 gives -0.

Interestingly depth 19 gives -0.

Defence n offence at the same time.Can I play this on mac?How much you charge for a cue with a carbon fiber shaft ?The milk straws are $1 at kroger smh.Roses are red, violets are blue, there will always be an Asian, better then you (:.Thank you so much for highlighting the victims, too many channels solelyfocused on the killers than the victims.Ans: Birthday Deathday3) What comes once in a year twice in a week?You’ve been BLOCKED.

Also, all that I found out was.Flip 3 coins, tails 0, heads 1, and get a number from 0 to 7 in binary.You have a new subscriber.Such an irritating GM Finegold.How do you average that?There is actually a general solution for all cases with the exception of the case 0 0 0 6.Shad, I hope you see this:About the glass: The reason old glass looks wavy is that it is actually a liquid.But at 11:00, why can't the knight move to defend the rook?I cannot speak a word of Spanish, but I really enjoyed and understood this whole video.Many a time I've found that useful!

Really nice work.That grabs onto the bottom of the sheet.Brilliant, l loveit.If your opponent dies of a heart attack, and you win.(At age 8 I was always the motor)." Nothing should be so damn secret anymore.But why didn't Ben Simon edit out the long pauses while she read her magazine?I love how when a male and female get together on YouTube it instantly means they want each other and MUST be together.Hi im ryan and i have a rating of 1100 and i like turtles and chess.Our brains do work a bit differently and generally focus on different things, but although, she's pretty damn good.

I've never ate bonyes before.Ben you were in Novi Sad in 1988!Thank you so much for making these video's.So glad I found your quality content,gadgets and tech,i love em!Apparently we do.Me after watching this:"I think i'm gay".

David D

I hadn't heard about this mode until I saw this. So cool!

James Stph

Absolutely great work, I dont know if I should be envious or inspired. I have a new skill that I now must learn. It is one of the most awesome videos I have seen on wood working to date.

Alpha Light Bearer

it's funny how all these stalkers are males. it speaks volumes.


we all love you Mangus (even my 85 year old mom)....LOL..


Insted of wasting others time blah blah blahYou need to make your experiments then explain the result quite annoying whole video dose not have any info for watcher?Looks you just want ti be on screen nothing else

Mike Chambers

Danny, consider having your technical folks put together a router that could be shipped to the players in advance which has an Ethernet WAN port for the player's broadband modem and a 4G card inside so that the players have redundant internet connections. Probably costs under $100. (Miktrotik) can do this, probably Ubiquiti as well. It's hard enough to play Carlsen without having your internet teaming up with him!

Saad Khan

I love the way you say "whatta mooove"

John Pitos

Just perfect




Thank you and hourray for Welsh sea captain and inventor William Davies Evans!

Eric Ellenbrook

Steve I recently got a new (used) table saw and just realized it is the same as yours. I'm having a huge issue with zero clearance inserts for it! The depth is like 1/8" deep. What do you use to make it fit so well?

Steven Ewing

I’ve tried to get the free guide but it brings me to a broken website....

Jose Maria Gutierrez

Brilliant ClassicsI have 7 versions of these concertos and I loved this one of yours, congratulations!!! Thanks to you I have had a marvellous time listening to this treasure. Thank you so much for sharing. You made my day!

David Erickson

Gorilla glue interesting but not strong in the long run... it’s brittle We use marine 3m 5200 wood adhesive sealer caulk. When set it has a tenacious hold and waterproof and weatherproof

Bao Dunkwu

These people:HA I GOT A BIGGER YACHT THEN YOUBill Gates: hold my microsoft

Richard Katzman

Very nice work.


since this seems to be a multipart video, shouldnt this be reflected in the title?

Captain Brother

Thank you a lot always!!


very nice explanations. two thumbs up.


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