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7 Delicious Mashed Potato Twists

Hey nice build and looks great.Has to be the closest channel I am subscribed to.Can't believe igotmatored has more subs than you now, you are the best chess teacher I know.One of the best lecturers here along with Yasser Seirawan.Come on man grow a pair.You’re pinning the pawn, that’s a good pun.

How about a load of firewood

How about a load of firewood

Hi Shaun - Nice use of the JVC ad from the 80s.I would give $900 for that chess set abd board without a single hesitation.He’s using deceit and deception to try and steal money.Hi, Dean Kamen invented the Segway.Your piece was not doing much anyway and getting in way of rooks connecting.At my school we had to take are socks of too.Pero quien coo gan?

Men: I wish more women were interested in chess!Based on a story by yours truly.Really interesting stuff!5:16 Nothing is impossible my friends.Thanks for boosting my confidence up.Once again without a plan put to paper the Zen Master goes to work.Great work amigo !Someone said it, but I want to reiterate that you missed the other times traffic lights for the incoming left turn from the freeway.Instantly reminded me of lord of the rings on the first stage lol.Blocking the King Rook like that?

Carmilla and Hayabusa's SS.Nice game but please kindly leave.After Fisher took black Bishop in a3, Mednis Queen take Knight in a3 check.2:52, after Qf4 why not go Ke2.Heart touching naman.

Hoof Hearted Ice Melted

Albrecht Durer sounds a lot like Leonardo Davinci.No?


I have a question. What is the diameter of the circle that the motorcycle makes ???? if we turn the steering wheel alpha degree? This "phenomenon" seems to me very complicated. Thank you

The Archer1202

that mic was insane, never seen something sound so good

Khaldoun Baz

Bro your work is very good but your english unfortunately no

Jeff Garbarek

Ha Drew Berry more than a scientist.


4:17 thank me later

Who the hell will save his pawn instead of knight?

Ezra Ezra



Illumination confirmed!

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