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80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament, Round 4

I thout Greenland was on a planet called earth and earth isn't infinite.Nice comment on that game.They give the GM title to ANYBODY nowadays.

FDA big pharma Monsanto USDA CDC AMA EPA WHO etc.6) Alternative notation: You can put 0 or 1 placeholders in your Console.I think Geechi switched his 2nd and 3rd.Where tf english comment.Speaking of star drive, 8 x 1.

I never saw a video better.Wow, that was a really clever way of swapping two variables.Great stream as always!I’m depressed now.This man is idiot.Were you in Singapore?Plays the most obvious predictable boring moves.Thank you Paul your teaching is wonderful I am 81 and learn from your everyday Thank you sir and may God bless you and yours.

10:11 - this is called the velimirovic

10:11 - this is called the velimirovic

How would it go aronian leaves his queen on the king dude for defense?Keep 'em coming!19:53 Are you ready for the Grant finale?Anh cng ph qun nh cc bc GM.Congratulations.Suing the world?Undoubling the c pawns with a capture seems so natural and if axb5 Rxb5 or Qxb5 going up a pawn and if he doesn't take back, then bxa4 secures the queenside and creates a passed pawn.1:06:15 this in 2019 would have been a disaster.And that same principle lies under this problem.3:00 Grand master vs 900 was halarious.

What language was it

What language was it

You’re videos are literally the BEST.But don't expect it to be a breeze."I will be mating soon.I don’t believe in ghosts and demons.It copy only that mode in LOL duh that was all hero that you've got will fight with the heroes of you enemy.Ive searched everywhere and cant find one anywhere):.Can someone explain.

Hi everyone thanks for watching the video if

Hi everyone thanks for watching the video if

It was delicious but my cake was not soft and spongy.She's successfully lured you in the no game no life.Great cutting board and lame jokes as usual.Thanks man this video is a great help for beginners like me.She just out witted me.The first one is stupid.

David Calhoun

Magnus is incredible. Sacrifices the Queen without a clear endgame and then beats his opponent with positional chess within 60 seconds.

Maxime Cote

Wonderful ideas and a wonderful video. Thanks. You make the world a little more better place!

Christopher Knutson

I like your finale (yes i listened to the whole thing)

Swastik Singh

she is cute

Rider Hebang

Artistic skill..WHat a Wonderful..

Marilene Ramos

Beautfull! Thanks! Kisses!


I love how genuine his reaction is as well as his friends when he was the first to get sub hour.I mean he was crying, and they were pure tears of joy.

andes lorsep

Dewasanya yg oon x

Ganesh Udupa

Please do a part two


For those of you confused.At 5:20, after rook captures on e3. White will capture with pawn, giving an opening for the Queen to defend the g2 square and prevent checkmate.

Wick And Vessel

Cross cutting a 4 by 8 sheet is easy. Simply lean it against your "lap" with the line in front of your dominant hand and push the saw down your line.Before your saw touches the ground, press the board against your upper quads and squat your butt down til it's below your knees. Once you get the hang of it you can produce the complete cut in one single move.

Matt Tidswell

All Australians smell like beer


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