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Joel is that you?Even if she hangs around for 'moral support'.7:09 how come he couldn't do queen to e4?

Edit: changed the time.In around 2007 we also had an incident where two guys murdered an entire family (motherfather3 little kids) over drugs.Pohon ditebangi hanya untuk kepuasan Hati SERAKAH.We need another Harry potter with the real actors.Your biscuits seema bit tight.The star means very good luck,u can have 1vish.Wow that is a great table!The finish at 35:30 was so beautiful.Thanks for the instructive video!

E : Do we

E : Do we

I am gonna faint.Have you ever lose in standard chess by your opponent's well planned strategy?This is like the 5th Finegold video I've watched and I just got the C4 joke.Beautiful work Shaun.1:22:07 For some reason the way Jerry exclaims "What is going on?Queen's offer not sacrifice.You are bun fore.Em thch khai cuc Anh.Great presentation style.

We are both alice and bob together we are thinking for both of them but they are seperate persons not like us.It's time to eclipse GM Carlsen!What is beneficient for bob to stay inside it?Thank you for sharing!Proud of Anand Sir and Pragg.Is that a relatively common behavior on tournaments?Ali eyes in full screen was rolled in his head when he was in the garage and seen them changed,scary, this sounds like insidousor sinister paranormal.Wonderful content as always.

So those are complex aspirations.200, the he 200 uske pass.My number is 9003776215.Chess: Nobody, it was a draw.Seems innocent enough, though.The humor is just so above them it’s hilarious like every sentence has a genius joke in it like when he was talking about Star Wars and said they were saying I went Rogue.If you were able to do it, congratulations you are a super-computer.Such a lovely piece.

I believe that Tom flipped the Ouija board over so you could not spell out the'good-bye' required to close a session, as well as to protect yourself from being haunted by your invited guest if it chooses to stick with you.Kamsky playing C6 makes a LOT of sense!If we touchthelazer will we get hurt."I retreated like a Frenchman" LMFAO.Jerry, you are so insightful.Can't be that predictable.Anyway, great list.


I'm two years late to the party, but I made my own Minesweeper using python and the pygame module. Inspiration :)


A knightmare at 11:19 :3

Om Kumar


Asad Khan


Julian Numa

Hi toggi :)


I was on the verge to lose it all and this web-site saved me just Google with-out gaps FunOnlineWork .c o m


Well Zac is useless as a man

Hallie Moore

Love this, I would have left the epoxy on in the background instead of sanding it off, but that is just my preference.Great job with the video

blabla bla

Sino naman dito na pinag aaral ka ng nanay at tatay mo pero ayaw mo naman mag aral? Isa na ako doon

shareef T


Ishk Sosjs

0:56 d6 wtf?

Clara Fernandez


Love Beats

when you don't understand anything , but you keep watching in full

Patrick Festa

I have the opportunity to meet You in ocean county, Fabiano. Will you sign my chess board?


I miss dr dre music on magnus streams xD

Rich Wigginton

I would like to see the videos on the making of the cutting board.Have they been posted yet and can I get a link?


Best photo challenge ever she is gorgeous

Lara Macdonnell

Best film franchise for 10 year old children


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