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Absolutely brilliant and stunning Nimzo Indian Saemich Attacking Chess! Leela vs Stockfish 9

I was sure it was Nola.It's one of the basic rules of the chess.Do you know how to tell when a democRAT is lying?Amazing wood work!Would u give that for me as a gift?

Why I think every time when it gets green I hear "Nice" sound in my head?G captcha typers Earn money pathi sollunga bro Athu safe ahnu.Holly water is a bit oiled and oiled fluid drys not so fast.

That is expensive !There is no need to go very deep into the video to see how that speedrun is not his.My congratulations on the service you provided to the various hobbyist cabinetmakers in this spectacular do-it-yourself world.At 24:17, short missed his chance to win with rxe3 fxe3 qxe3 check and after kf1 or kh1 black plays qf3 check followed by re2 and white cant stop qg2 mate without giving up his queen.Primero: talento para este juego sino, pierdes tu tiempo.I have dragged the main camera onto the canvas.Wait did u just freehand those letters?How did you put your vids in sub categories.Where do you get the chocolate drip.

I think that if gxNf3, then Qh4 and

I think that if gxNf3, then Qh4 and

Thanks, now i know why even though it looked like i was winning, in the end i lost.A very unique way of wood working!Indha app link kjm share panunga bro.I hate it when he does that!Lovely game by sattorove Infront of Carlsen.Edo gopi panne eeee neethiyokke evide poyi.Muchas gracias me ayud bastante muy recomendado.Keep d videos coming n consider me a student.

Fckin fantastic build!

Fckin fantastic build!

Hello whats the best way to go about learning to write the script in unity.Very interesting play.You forgot about: Lastensegler vom Typ DFS 230 would fit in the list too.10:38 Unless you know for a fact that you played every move perfectly, you can't say you lost purely on the luck of the dice.KC madadala Mo din ANG sakit Ng nararamdaman mo.There's a lot of other Queen moves agadmator could've made that would've set him up for other tactical combinations.

I said: "Your moves are suddenly quite suspicious so I am lodging this game with the moderators".30 that's an expensive roundabout lol.11:20 that's so cute.Which means every day probability of transformation of seed reseted.U made my day mam.Bro This trick is No Usable.Reminds me of the famous opera game by Morphy in an aesthetic sense.

Troy Zimmermann

How does Van Foreest blunder so much??

Lev Krainov

At 8:51 can't you trap a queen with Bb4 again?

Kailash Bhayal

Hello sir please upload kvpy paper solution video

Mpho Sekonya

Hello, We like to teach young students in South Africa, the basics of chess online. which program are you using? if anyone knows any illustrations chess program please assist. Thanking you all in advance.for this video, I was hoping to see how to survive playingking Rook against king queen.If you have that please share.

Asadbek Ibragimov

inh Sng

4 4 4 = 6 4 4/2 = 6 Right ?


I was actually thinking about doing something similar to an 1st gen 2012 Mac Pro and install the "max spec" available back then.

DG Tudo

Hello! Good afternoon! Excellent your video! Your channel looks great! Congratulations!Thanks for visiting my channel! Every Friday has new video!Hugs. . . Good week . . . dgtudo


Hermione: "Nearly Headless, how can you be nearly headless?!"Nick: "Like THIS!"Ron: "UH-Ah!"


Absolutely fantastic series. You mentioned around 21:45 that you might climb the ladder on other sites - did that ever happen?

Can you tell me what the last liquid is?

Mohammad Shameoni Niaei

The fact that it turns only clockwise is bothering me!

Martin Guerre

Nice game guys. Too bad the kid didn't get behind his passed QB pawn when he had the chance, like 5:25. The escape hole is important for the king but I think Rc1 and then Kf1 works just as well. All very easy to see after the fact. Very well done youngsters. A non- spectacular but very precise game.

Joy Liasu

brilliant - thanks x

Rylan Johnson

Why at 40:16 couldn't queen a1 be played for mate in 1

Kin Trung

chn tht y b em nh bi



Adam Kelm

well done.A solid diagnosis.

Long Le

they should have magnus carlsun face deep blue


I stumbled upon your videos this morning and, no joke, I've been watching them all day! You're an amazing woodworker, my friend. I'm curious, about how long does it take to make each cutting board, not including the time you spent making the video(s) for them?


Did I rewatch the part with James? Yes. Yes I did.


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