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A Different Knights Tale

 The explanations are helpful to lower rated players but personally I find it a little slow (and my rating is not the highest by any means).This proof has changed my life.GOLAN IS TRASH AT CHESS.And those who agree hit a like.What phone you are using dear.A queen blunder?

He can took the queen(e7).

He can took the queen(e7).

"not a people person".When you get to the end you are multiplying infinity into infinity.8:14 qg7 kxe7 bf6was the combination i spotted.This was shown at 10:34.I think the only bad aspect of the animation was the color of the eyes in general cause i seems weird gold or black and with white eyes.Very nice I'm sure you are making custom chess pieces as well?-1, Inne liczby nie istniej.I think any logical fireman would tell you that's a freakin fire hazard!

Im laughin sooo hard my throat

Im laughin sooo hard my throat

How much would it cost something like this.: if Re1, then Kf2, threatening Rh8, and Black wins.I use this as a way of showing them how long can $1 go under the right circumstances, and to teach them about compound interest.Ganyan talaga mangyayari pagnagtalik ang magpipinsan.Miss seeing him on the couch behind you.What program do you recomend to make 2d models.GET OUT OF MY RECOMMENDED I DONT NEED MATH.

Aint nobody got time for that.

Aint nobody got time for that.

Why the black Queen didn't eat the rook at the first time?Aleph Null is a number thoAnd i also don't see the problem that depending on which direction you come from gets a different answer because 112 and -110, different answers.That one was outlawed, kind of like the bird opening.The UPDATE version of the Playment is too much BOGASALL THE TASKS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Excellent craftsmanship !Why are the players so reluctant to tell who they prefere as fide president?

Is bad strategy.Taking notes here.(e0)-1 0Is 0 just not a whole number or something?I gotta go find my talent and work like this man.I finish the gaming university in mumbai, top of the class unity confuze me very a lot :(this is my code here, please take a look:var canvas document.12 x 12 1(1) 1 equals one.Would half-lap joints not have worked well for the inside "boxes"?Dangerous people pt1.Good luck focus on next move.Good looking eyes brother.

Dose da pizza cost?

Dose da pizza cost?

Jerry (chessnetwork) vs Eric Rosen 2:53:50 5:25:07.Some steps I've been taking are just not important.Anh s gip em thng gii c vua cp trng.Nice cutting board, and simple to make.Love your use of graphics and video editing!Loved it, but was disappointed with many of the early resignations.

Tomaz Vital


Joshua Choi

Bro Hikaru Nakamura, come visit Indonesia to meet Real Komodo(Old Dragon) in Indonesia. Komodo Island, indonesia. Please invite me as tour guide/assistant recorder for your YT channel, if you want to visit indonesia. You can also visit Indonesia chess groups to play with them either street chess chess groups in indonesia.


I know this isn't related to chess at all, but we gotta respect legends... R.I.P. Kobe Bryant..

Joe Oliver

Wintergartan Wednesdays: returnsMe: finally my life is now normal again : )


I didnt even watch the video, i am here to make witty remarks about chess puzzles in candyland.

Seor M

"Now I'm going to start snowing down" then proceeds to play 20 moves instantly lmao

Liam Moore

name the bow stinger

suhwan hong

how about Buzz Cut?

Laurie Trotman

Lou Dobs doesn’t even listen unless you are saying what he wants you to,Yuck.

Karina's vlogs

Me to clare

Dade Williams

thats one sexy tech expert RAWR

Scott Luther

A very clean install! Looks very good! I would be proud to have you work on any of my equipment! Keep up the good work!

silentum excubitor

Hardly anybody besides us modelers would even notice the resin stands. Even when I know to look for them, they are very subtle, and don't detract from the overall effect. VERY NICE WORK!....

Devin Whitlock

Walnut is such a pretty wood in my opinion


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