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Aero Chord - Take Me Home (feat. Nevve) [Monstercat Release]

Cinnabar street is only a 3 minute drive from my childhood home.So that would take God knows how many hours upon hours of play.That is not a bureau.Wonderful, indeed!One of the very useful channels.Watching still feels like working without all that work.I may have added another 2 to 4 'feet' ( the black things under the board) BC it's such a heavy board.Totally bitchin'.

9:49 - the first time I've seen one of Ben's jokes fall on truly appreciative ears.Me: Wow i want to do that my own!Thanks for the awesome analysis - like it !



I wish to hell he’d wear a mask.I want to tell u john u did the best way to explain chess strategies.Threw in the Node Mongo DB video to boot.But WAY over my head.Thank You for all your Hard Work Your passion to make your dreams a reality, You have been through so much mentally physically.Ivanchuk is extraordinary player.T A Shahid, lovable memories you.So, long story short: I'd say that to be a 'Super-Grandmaster' one should be above 2725 (which is the minimum Elo to be eligible to the Candidates Tournament).Thumbnail: ARE U WHITEMe: Racist.

This saves a lot of wood and

This saves a lot of wood and

May I know the measurement of a cup u use in thi.Cuz it was a nice visual, it just seemed like an extra step, but I'm no joiner.I think we should be ashamed on us.Isnt that mate in 2?I dnt knw y he leaved the match.You don't typically get that in normal games, but these random commentary games reveals so much!This is a crazy game, lots of mistakes from both players but that both fought hard until the end.Nc6, then Aderssen would have played the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian (reversed).Hi Im in Auckland New Zealand.

Satanists are very patient.

Satanists are very patient.

PJK was a pathetic loser and a sorry excuse for a human being.What a talented young man.Technomoan: I haven't played chess in 20 yearsAlso Technomoan: ah yes, you have opened with a Fibonacci sequence.At 8:40 why not Bb4 with thesame idea of trapping the queen?Very nice game well done m8.But of course didn't calculate all the ramifications.Ami daba khelte pari kintu kicu din dhore bondhur sathe here jacci.Great video mate, thanks for sharing the knowledge.The esthetic beauty of it was what made Morphy, Morphy.It was one big fucking mistake.

mike burns

Naka current views: 25,000Naka’s view after we all get the Coronavirus: 03


How come at 3:30 black doesn’t play bishop to h3? If he put the bishop at h3 the only thing he could do to stop mate in a move is night to e1, black queen retreats but now the rook is pinned and black gets a rook bishop trade. It’s either mate or a rook for a bishop

robert till

If the plastic form and the silicon cast had been treated with silicone mould release it would have come apatrt a lot easier.

Thomas Klink

You sweet talker you. You're costing me money. Got em ordered, sounds awful good but then I'm an impulse buyer. Show me something different and I gotta have it. lol


Mantap... calon master tuh... sibapak sampe geleng2 kepala

DIY with Dono

nice song!!! great for my youtube videos :D

Shad Amethyst

But can it play bullet chess?

Adam McDaniel

I love james! Hes barely changed at all since his first few videos YEARS back, he looks exactly the same!

Daniel Barrow


Hockey Sam

At 5:40 queen moved into top right corner with bishop supporting it would that be checkmate? Sry if idk terms I’mnew to chess

Sir u should monetize this vedio


Mato you teach in 2 minutes what other teaches like in an hour !THANKS A LOOOOT C:

Rusty Rebar

Austrians... no surprise !!


Como lo hace


5:16 hxg4 and Bxg4, no worries, mistakes happen.. lol

Arie Ardhana

At 18:20 white better e1-e4 block bishop b7. Sorry my grammer is not good

Dr Gajanan Taywade

after Bishop e6 why Queen didn't take Rook at e8?


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