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After 31 years, Hong Kong Stock Exchange closes the doors of its trading floor

Just a couple of guys being dudes.Hey,not enough comments about the noise in the background.Wow this is the most crazy game I have ever seen after Tal's game.

The always smiling grandmaster haha (hikaru nakamura).Perhaps something easier to use.This looks a lot like thud from discworld, guess thud was inspired from it.

Thank you for the interesting video!They should prank carlsen by making him playing 25 top gmdisguised.He still manages to make me feel useless in new ways.Kid got owned by the spankchuck daddy.Eu te amo e quero passar uma noite com voc jerry.Pluto still has a big heart even if we treated it bad.There's gonna be a fax for that.Why’s he so forceful with each move.I wish I owned it!Foreground Brushes.

Does each queen have a value?

Does each queen have a value?

 Why don't you just "assume" you can hear a buzzing sound when you hit the switch if it's turned on, or assume that the switch vibrates if it turns on the attic light, or that the other 2 switches turn on lights you can see (ones not in the attic), etc.I’ll say it again.And Black better.New F Fron BRazil.To bad Bobby was a ashole.

This playlist is Superb loved it.Me in my mind after clicks video:Things are about to get GRUsome.Couple hundred bucks and it will last me until I can upgrade to a cabinet saw.Just a thought - think about it !You didn't link the 2010 game in the description.My sister bought him becuz she said that hes hot and handsome.This isn't only important to tech enthusiasts but also for professionals whom are entirely reliant on tech.KId or he idk who win me thinks its draw.

I still dont understand why tal didnt capture

I still dont understand why tal didnt capture

Well, not so much a ratcheting system as a ratcheting piece.2:44 bye na bezdechu do czasu zwizania?If I win lotto, this is on my list of must haves!SirYou told that At last When bishop of white goes to b5 sq bishop blocks check by d7 thenQe2 Bxb5 Qxb5 then check to black king if it plays C6 so how can I take the knight you told that we can take knight?They saw the blue flame!I stayed for the goats.A great movie with an even betr msg.


Who still talks trash like some cheap coffee shop two dollar a game hustler? Oh, this one too. Nice endgame play by the young master, well done, you almost shut him up. Should have put five bucks on the game, or loser buys the next drink at least. They getquiet when they have to start buying your drinks and snacks game after game.

Dan Kehrig

Wow so awesome!

Lets Go Flying

qbert's breakfast bowl

Emir Sorensen

This rook was like a yoyo in game so effective


I really want one!

Ben Quinney


Faizal Mohamad

low class GM


I love how mathematicians basically throw any problem that comes in mind and poof make a buzz


Thanks for your really helpful and enlightening commentary.


In computer chessIf king only and no official and pawns its draw

Alexis Valderama

I dont know that Dan was a Filipino cause im a Filipino

Maheshreddy Challa

What machines do use for cutting drilling hole can you name it plzz

Mike Mexico

Nice Job!


fuck the camera guy, fuck him good n deep

Poor OL JC

That is wonderful, you have some very nice shop equipment. I'm just starting out leaning wood working, I couldn't begin to do what your doing, I'll just stick to making simple picture frames and simple box joints... Thank you.....


so can we talk on the comment section?

Force edge 88

What's inside a cruise ship


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