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A History of Chess Openings - GM Yasser Seirawan - 2014.10.01

What am I missing?Keep up the good work!"He was always pleasant, he didn't use curse words.More "for the eye" than for protection.MakeAmericansMillionaires.I have a question about this game.

0:46 opponent: "omg he's like thinking hard"Magnus:

0:46 opponent: "omg he's like thinking hard"Magnus:

These r all straight people lmao.Some days I just really hate you.I didn't stop smiling the whole way through :).Dude the king holds his color on the starting line.LOL "Firrips", wouldn't get away with those jokes today.Let me know if so, or do a video of it please.Playing around with it, I've commented the food block temporarily and it then shows.

Please keep them coming.You're a good man.We broke lichess.Thats not a real analysis.It looks totally different the wallpaper on stairs the same way but has the stair banaster from your newer vids when Tom comes to life!Thats very dude of you.Try to beat computer on level 6 on Lichess(1900) with your tricks lolits not buying your tricks at that level AND DEFENDS LIKE MASTER, ITS NUTS EVEN AT 1700 LEVEL 5 ITS NOT ALWAYS BUYING INTO TRICKS, IT GIVES SOME MATERIAL AND THEN THROWS GM TACTICS.Stockfish took a battering and now is only good with chips and tartare sauce.What awesome vase.I would pay a lot of money just to follow one of his lessons.

Can you please make a tutorial on how to make fortnite building system in unity?I would say to him "sit down and shut your fkn mouth".Because my group need to create a program or a game that use java language.To the uninitiated, currently bound in brillo padlike spirals of 'swarf', this will be a godsend.All the interpretations you can find on youtube are less "nervous", with more actual feeling.

Pekerjaan bagus.

Pekerjaan bagus.

Any impolite comments will be removed.Is the end of the universe a hard wall or will you go through it.There is only one Race of People on this Planet presently called Earth!What happened to 480p?Wow, what a game.One of the things I recently learnt while reviewing analytic geometry is the theorem of Ceva.Ok, I had to seek out your recipe because your cakes look so good!For some reason, Youtube unsubscribed me from this nice channel.A skill in itself.This is one of does things you have to learn the hard way.

This should have some nice retro graphics,be it from hi-fi, or of spinning cassette types (maybe be artsy and have the continuous fade out and in of various analogue formats being played, i think that would please the techmoan).13:16 there was a voice that yelled back.Let's all keep believing in our hopes and dreams.He was strong, now he can't take damage as past, i don't know why the hell this happened !Anastasiya is constantly about to say: "TAKE ME SASHA!

I found the move!

I found the move!

Bagay talaga kay xian lim na naging pulis na rule.I built my computer about two weeks ago.Yassersir I love to listen to your speech.Or core concepts.So please let me know!Before the horrendous move pawn to f5 black was certainly better according to Houdini, white didn't get enough compensation to that point, it's clear that the Evan's Gambit is dangerous against someone somewhat inexpert at chess but this opening was alright by black.S perpetual check possible?I have computer architecture as a subject in my bachelor's and i don't like it but your videos always inspire me to read it more.Nearly 2 million views in one year!



Gavin Rice

Why does Daniel have soundproofing foam behind him? You usually need it in front of you it does no good behind you.

Arjun Menon

Carlsen the undisputed lord of endgames

Aynura Mammadova



This is why you must practice your end-game. I know it's one of the most boring thngs for most people. But if you have confidence like Magnus has, in your end-game, it seems to my ametuer eyes that exchanging off pieces is easy enough to just get into the endgame then show how your practice has paid off. But of course it's not just trading off pieces. It has to be done in a way that the end-game has winning possibilities. I'm just in awe of Magnus' end-game skill, as it's an area of the game I find extremely tough to consolidate.Anyway thatnks for uploading as always KC.

shannon greenhalgh

Nice video guys

Lorenxo Bingham

Fight back clips


Jeeez, that's pretty amazing.


14:40 Carlsen could move the queen to h4 to protect the bond and the biship would protect the queen

David White

Yall buggin , geechi smoked him , 3 0 , twork let the crowd get to him , geechi got to the crowd , shyt was clear , twork was getting G-checked , twork was tryna force it , watch closely


you will NEVER see another Kasparov - it is like looking for a Micheangelo or Monet and coming up withgeneration of Carlsen's - I watched the last world championship and was HUGELY disappointed in Magnus - he looked like someone inflated and over-hyped and filled with only computer chess game moves in his head rather than a HARD pain-staking task of MASTERING the Game - he was VERY DISAPPOINTING TO WATCH

Danilo Rodriguez

If anyone didn't notice, the friction equation is fun

Mateusz Gierwiao

Jeste bogiem. Podziwiam, szanuj, pozdrawiam :-)


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