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Ain't No Half-Steppin'

Except for the Trump jokes Sigh Come on, Ben.This is the alcohol talking, but I'm 100% convinced.If not, how would that be computed then, and does it fall on the magic highway?Of course nerds aren’t nerds.You know HOW I noticed?

But in an opening that allows

But in an opening that allows

Both Tal and Nezhmetdinov would be proud to call it their own.How much does that cost a client total?The level of some of this chess is way beyond my level, particularly that last pawn sacrifice.I was hoping you were having a proper time in the pub.Wow, this is awesome, I want one!

Gorgiev tomou no

Gorgiev tomou no

Yh eric the Master London System player he is (no the Best in the world but Super strong london system player) managed to make3 inaccuracies6 mistakes hes rated a 2000 elo (pretty high)the other player 1800 elo player made 0 inaccuracies 0 mistakes the math just dosent add up.It is cooking extremely, please answer.Yeah but who has those kind of tools to do something like that that’s got to be over 3k of money on tools.That wouldn't make it a "correct" use.Thanks for all the great soundtracks and links.The amount of prep work is mind boggling.And the base plate very terrible.Million $$$$ worth of tools and such but still a good video.

Wag kang paapikto sa mga basag

Wag kang paapikto sa mga basag

I saw this minotaur in half, that a lot of damge.If you need to wait a little longer to save up money and buy both in the kit, it is SO worth it.Really cool animation too!Tangos ng ilong.Or, how did you make it ?And, still locked in a Prentiss No."You got wrecked chicachicachica, and I oop chicachicachicachica".Really liked those simulations.1480 Rupa 50 Paisa.

Can’t believe some of the comments to which you have alluded in the description above.YOU CAN NOT USE A BOARD THAT DISTRACTS ATTENTION OFF THE CHESS PIECES.56 ) but if you meen that White can take the Queen, you are missing the following move from Black: 1.I've been watching your videos for the past year and this build was so stunning!Thanks for all the videos.I think I found one of these in a crackerjack box once.Mikhail Tal's First Match After He Became GM.Just cant stop searching for new videos or watching old ones.

Current shot kottinappudu mana body

Current shot kottinappudu mana body

Avoid Buildtak since it tends to bond permanently.I love love love that lion that you printed!That's what confuses me a long time when I switched from Windows to Linux and that's what you don't explain in your video.Thanks for posting this video!Back after a long time.And He get emotional doing crying face.Muchas Gracias Luis Fernndez.


Hey JerryI just want to thank you for making videos, they are funny, informative and a great resource to improving in chess. I just want to say thank you, and you have inspired me to create my own youtube channel, if you don't mind please check it out

sam kid16


Scuba Steve

Please stop showing stuff over the board. So often we miss key moments.

jonathan tiffen Godfrey

Fucking google is killing me with its suggestions re you. I would personally be worried if people only watched because of algorithms. Harsh perhaps because its quite good content but to be fair its all in books anyway. Also your Artist is boring and lazy. Lots of pics but only a few look cool. Mmm sounds like I am a grumpy bum but ? If i watch Utube I get slammed by your fast talking rehashed programing. I'm watching shitty gun clips that seem to coagulate themselves on the rotting fruit of your labours. Arghhhh ! Im sure since I'm not being obsequious that you will regard my comments with with the proper fuckofness that it deserves. ummm positive suggestions ? How about a funny or nice clip ? Wouldn'tkill ya. J x

omar amideos


Cao Tr

Khi xe trng t a7 n tng b7 hu en thay v i nc c5 th c th chiu d1 ri i hu c khng ?


suggestion Vladimir Kramnik vs Alireza Firouzja World Blitz Championship 2019

Shifu RC

if it is a tie break, and Firouzja won, why do they have to play again??

Michael Smith

Really like this board. Great video. Thanks


This is absolutely gorgeous!


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