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Hello my blog

Ajedrez: Pepe Cuenca vs Jan Gustafsson

Pasub po hug to hug slmat.25x speed, i struggle calculating the end.I like the galaxy ball.Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant !

Si brenda ang kapalit ni chokoleit sa comedy.Trik bodo ini mah.As a Mexican these are regular everyday snacks.Koa is the nicest wood for an acoustic and ukulele.Good job, Il love it !Watching 2nd time.I was usingthe UI image fillamount and scripted the life system with numbers from 0 to 1 which are the values of the fillamount!

You are a fan of the prequels?This was so beautiful to watch.This music brings melancholy, emotion, perspective, tears and pure joy!Sliding Windows worker.Those checkers look like white chocolate O.I dont see very good.Like this comment for stay in trending 0:57.

Just the work benchalone is gorgeous.Thank you for sharing, Mato!I, for one, tremendously appreciate you sharing this instruction FOR FREE!Suggestion (s):St.Yes,youve guessed it.It is very distracting and I am sure Fischer would have complained.

Not long to go now Ivan, have fun in hell.What I don't understand about these videos explaining openings is that they're always played as white and assume what black will play moves that allow you to do what you want.The pieces have a beautiful texture in hand and just magnetized enough to make for a nice travel game in the car.I think this is just a normal game.Dope ep rite here.Need to buy new PC!Indian has a very strong team.U need to see my video ( naughty beaver) and don't worry it's not what I think I humbly ask u all who seek truth to come to gwilly and see my video (naughty beaver) b4 they take it down God willing with u all my brothers and sisters.But, you know, at least the thought is there.

Julius Tupag

Napoleonic war pls


I think it was second or third try back in the school when i got the tool shape finally right and measurements agree with tolerances.

Marzlan Malek

Why in my recommended?....i want songs

DCUO Shank Jones

6:54 When he said Shame on you, i felt that


Still theoryThe truth hurtsAlways retreatRetreat like a frenchmanDid I lose on time yet?I'm oldRawrNever play f3Go Ben, you can do it

Ca-Jen Grootherder

Ches players are very competitive , and all together odd people

pallavi shahdeo

Well explain

Jeremy Broussard

Lost me at router table

Ramandeep Singh

Sir at 3 minutes if bishop b5 check then it can be taken by Queen then the king is safe


Holyshit is that elon musk?

Mathias Thue Nielsen

Almost all screws here in Denmark are torx screws. And almost all use torx 20. It is so easy to use and only one bit for all. Depends on the size of screw. but most common screws use torx 20.

agarRoyale 2002

Magnus Carlsen watched this video in 2019 after a classical tournament.

Chess Online Th Duy

anonymous nick cha ng k, s dng phn mm ri


just put a small tie wrap around it



Guilherme Crozariol

Is there a way to instantiate the cells from the top to the bottom of the board instead from the bottom to the top of it?


Any chance you could try to make bows with australian wood? Also could you go into more detail about how the forming process works? This is the first video I’ve seen where a bow is formed

Los Gemelos Vargas

que malas jugadas

Anjani Singh

Praggu is genius but unfortunately the fact is that Anand has played more matches than number of days spent by praggu on earth. Experience do matter

Afzal Aziz

I think the old guy was just trying to be funny. Did not find him disrespectful to the kid overall.

I Enjoy Creating Videos

Nice video Matt! Thanks for sharing it with us.JP


Noob chess player here but why does he say around 1:25 ish that black is forced to play ? Please answer meh!!

Tyler Haddock

"...It's not just checks and attacks, you have to create." 2 seconds later... "check"

Neethu Neethu


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