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Ajedrez yo (blancas) vs la compu(negras)

Espetacular la misma orquesta del ltimo mohicano.Maybe you should grow some finger nails to peel the casing off xDor use a blade.I guess practice on making chains?

In what language is snake programmed?Ramus kiki's animations are the best!These days it's a question about ecology and prices of resins.Epps, aid GET OUT, I WILL HURT YOU.It is a thing of beauty!Phonoaudiology please for her.

Can somebody explain

Can somebody explain

Amazing- and the determination paid off!Naka do a tactics speedrun(puzzles) to like 3K or something.He was given a house for publicity.What is the seprate video for the chrote oppening.Our YouTube Java Comment Detector will notify us if you have posted all 10 comments and qualify for your CASH BONUS.Thank You Sir for your advice.He looks like a fucked up goofy version of Michael Landon.Is time and body is related?I personally almost always play 15 minute games and do bullet chess ever now and then when i'm in the mood.Sir please tell me how to remember all the trigonometric identities.

But you only have to do it once.I did the test and got Assassin, my stylepersonality is closest to Robert J Fischer.Very fast,im like you.This enraged tax collector's father who punished him severely.How many of this Keeper's boogers are spread over the cup?Wish I have those high tech tools and machines probably cost a fortune.Some kind of light anomalyon the banister at 8:46.Great another speed run!

Raw plywood has a nasty habit of getting dirty.He obviously loves the challenge and that's why he is WCC.Memperlihtkan kalau gak bisa main.Most people I play would just move the pawn up and pressure me out.And then a check and mate done.Less content more blah cofee blah.

What made him a serial killer?

What made him a serial killer?

Good tutorial :).We should let alphazero play it.Just sayin( chuckle)You three are awesome by d wey.In the first game at move 31, black dxe3, b7 e2, b8Q e1N, Kf4 Bd2 would be really cool.They are ofc quite nice though.Disassembled forever!SAD TO SAY NOWADAYS D NA MARUNONG MGPHLAGA.

I hope you will kid.I've come full circle.Loved the appearance from Dylan.Damn this channel died.This creates a lot of hollow areas.Treated or untreated?Anh co gang choi den elo 20xx nhe.This is why AMD is pushing thier APU's Future will be dual die or multi die systems, we'll all be running mini itx systems in the consumer spaceServers will just a bunch of dies liquid cooled with massive heatsinks.To much talking.

Your videos have caused Tal to become my favorite player."the music in the middle sounds similar to Zam the Assassin and The Coruscant Speeder Chase" from Star Wars Episode II" it's not just similar.The music is please.I'm sure Paul already knows this (and just mis-spoke in the video) but after hardening the blade the next process is to "temper" it, not anneal it.Eres muy chingon es este tema la verdad, te admiro como eres, yo tambien quiero aprender como tu lo haces, por eso veo tus videos.Am the one who at 6:07.Very good lesson this lesson will defiantly help me in the future games i play.Wow what's that building right there?Urs recipe r so fantastic.


im pretty sure that you're a wizard

Brayden Kesteloot

This legit scared me


You are far better than them.


The answer is onety-One

Alper BLGN

This Weekend ...Me : ExamsAgad : NO.


I love how one of the first moves in the opening created the double pawns on c3, c4, and in the end his opponent never figured out a way to get his bishop out because of that. Carlsen created a weakness in the first 6 moves and then exploited it for the rest of the game.

Felicia Peterson

Did anyone else read "2 weeks later" in the voice of the Spongebob break guy?

zen master

To be infinitely large the scale would actually be shrinking towards infinity whilst expanding internally forever


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