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Alexey Shirov "Fire on Board!" - Top 10 Amazing Chess Sacrifices of all time!

But that ending.This song makes me want to cry:(.So nobody comments on the excellent Brick Top imitation personified by an appropriate agent?I believe it would be better to have the cross brace pivot on the side closest to the blade and the excess crossing over the fence instead of having to move you're feed hand every time to jump over it.

Ohh shaving cream.I have seen about a 1000 woodworking videos and builds and am usually not too impressed by anything created using a cnc since it is all computer generated and usually involves little woodworking skill.So in this case, the enormous blunder didn't have to lead to a loss.I can just imagine what development of this was like.

Great tone quality- she

Great tone quality- she

Try to continue it.Could you paint the chain with epoxy next time, so that it becomes it's own stand?This nigga low key trash.I use to burn thru bits, and drills for that matter, quite a bit due to the friction and physics of the drill driver.The best opening is the halosar trap.

Pac man algoritm.

Pac man algoritm.

Leave the kids alone.RICHES AND THOSE IN GOV POWERS ARE ALL ONE CARTEL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THEY SAY "DO IT OR TRY HARD LIVING".Adta varsham I film kanunnavar like adi.How you know about mugsy bogues!Great video, can you make an endgame series?

I will watch it

I will watch it

If even WILLIAM says "this is the dumbest thing ive ever done " your plan realy needs some reconsidering xD.Dude could’ve kept playing at the end and just tried to let the clock run out to get the win.Chess board,candles,tchessboard toyall.My brother has a laser printer and he puts hobby paint in the burned areas and wipes off, adds darkness or different colors.Just rounding the edges.Yeah mato we can find it ) took 3 seconds to find, 25 seconds to know why.All the respect for this great player!

But never hold the thumb in the level of the nailing gun.What do you do with those small pieces of leatherthat is not apart of the wallet?WOW bring back memories working at Bryant mfg.With guns in the background!Thanks for letting us see nothing for half an hour without cranking our necks by 90 degrees.He always plays garbage hands and gets Lucky.Therefore I have taken a Step,small for a Human beeing,BUT great for HUMANITY.


Oh Steven, you tricksy little hobbitsies

kunal Ch.

Bullet train from last 22seconds

Dee Star

Be cool if they let him out now and then to be a guest speaker at backpacker safety seminars?I'd pay top dollar to see that.

dave dinelle

great job

Neth BT

That ecstacy drug music is annoying AF


Itu masih bisa selamat makan aja pionya dgn gajah

nafeela nisha

2020 anyone watching ?


The calories in that thing...

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central

Human games are so boring now. Does anyone know the next time Deep Mind is playing again?


There are numerous cultures around the world who use non-decimal base number systems.

Loyal and Faithful

walmart??? walmart??? . . . . hmmm . . . nope,never herd of them . . . .where do they have stores????

Winter122333 is a Boosted player

Badabun is a fucking disgrace.



Rafael Niehues

Since I discovered Peter Svidler on YouTube, he's definitely my favorite chess player, his videos are just pure GOLD! Very articulate, humble and even funny guy (not to mention the obviously amazing rich chess content he provides). Thx Pete and chess24, seriously!

Marcus sunde

Where has this channel been my whole life??? Definitely subbing to the channel.

Sunny Days

Do the blacks stay still while i control the center and development of knights and Bishop

fantastic 4 all

coin points missing

Jamal e Wayanad

I thittatheath nayinte monano mairan

Lazar Jojic


Mandalay 860

Very nice and very classy.  Thank you for the demo.

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