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So i know this is a late comment and its the 3rd time iv watched this but at 11:20 after the door moves the trash bag at the base of the "come in" door moves twice.But jerry i JUST watched game 3.Ah good I had just finished my xvideos session.Rather than just presenting us with what you can do with your skill?That wouldn't lose any tempo would it?At the end it seems like they have fast forwarded the video.

Holy shit you guys know each other?Absolutely fantastic.Keith looks like a Prohibition era Speakeasy owner that pays his employees well, although it makes upkeep of the speakeasy difficult, and plays in the jazz band that performs live every Friday night.The box looks great and the fact that you worked together to create it makes it a very special gift.

But of course it's only

But of course it's only

This song is great for studying lol (my Japanese suck don't judge -).Thanks for watching!One of my new favorites channels.Wow that wood 2:04 looks lovely.I have followed many serial killers as I find it very interesting but sadly the one thing I find these poor souls have in common but is that all of them lived in or was vitctm to some kind of abuse at the hands of there parents or close family."so feel free to pause the video and find the best move for black.

I've dropped in on concrete 3 times over the years.The sheer symphony of moves in immortal tandem brings Tal alive on the board.Hey man This is a great talent that you have, I have a lot of respect for you, you are very talented guy.Im a simple man.In the last game,when your opponent played Nc6,you said that it was a "amateur mistake",which I partly agree.I was left with a Knight and a rook and my opponent have two rooks.Cant watch your video, every 2 minutes there is an advertisement.

The gallery is excellent and the google translate works okay from Czech to English or as I have been told Russian too so probably worth trying to read.And I hope you do the chigorin defence against the queens gambit one day.The dark bishop is isolated and doing nothing!But if blacks rook takes rook on d3.Tal have a pretty good control.Seen amazing restorations done with both!Give your doggy his own video please.Working in Burroughs Cumbernauld, when this track was playing on the nightshiftAhh Memories!

I live in Quebec City!Very creative idea and work, greetings from Egypt :).This was the good solution to track a big glider (Messer 321, 55 meters wingspan).At the time 3:19, white can play night to e7 double check, then queen by queen then take the rock.Hard to pull off, good job.Ricardo is every kpop fan that gets mad because their kpop idol starts dating.I am puzzled :-).So what if i don't have a panic monster?The bitch had gun in her last name.

Oahu is not on Earth.But you dint use any essence like vanilla so we dnt need any essence?What kind of wood are you building this from?This really comes more up than other variations.Sao anh ko bnh lun p.It is very nice.Are any of you guys human.Agadmator: sorry about that.4:51 I did do that.I should be able to build something for a fraction of the cost of a Millclock.

Baki games bahut boring hoti hai.Wait why is kasparov 5,59 when he won 3 and drawed 5.Great to see new videos Eric!If that is what that is, someone else may have gotten a different color.The king is not always more powerful than the knight.Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Gandalf, the White

quotesuggestion"Ok"- Vassily Ivanchuk

unni xavio

Who won ?

Dominion of Choices

Mike Bloomberg blocked virus-related crises from hurting millions of people in New York!Mike PENCE made HIV multiply and multiply and no one was safe in hospitals.MikeBloombergisMYPresident

Lior Gabay

was gonna watch this to help me, but the race im doing is on a flat surface. any tips?

Hippito Hoppiti

nama gamenya apa?

William Van Nostrand

And I appreciate that you smirk at every answer and he gives and choose pandemic over logical and constructed action


38:13 black did win a pawn, but after Nf3, black has to give the pawn back, or if black saves the pawn, then black will go uncastled.


yeah holy crap just make slight notes on rookie strategy, not minute long interjections.

Wormzzy W



I love how ur assuming I have a gf

Sujoy Sen Gupta

7:24 who said only Knights can be excellent blocking pieces? Beautiful!

Vincent 3A min 15 Magetan

Pion apa boleh mundur


Pretty darn awesome.


I want to by you can send me

je co

Now put a smart plug in the base and control it via wifi.

Pear-Assed Drog

Bruh this is just shogi lmao

deshcoolman Awesomeness

Play more classical games

Viktor Wahlberg

Thanks a lot! Great video and now I'm a sub. Hope to see more from you! :D))

vandeuch walid

i don't know why peoples actually hit the dislike button like you can't hate this guy or the videos he make he aint lying in any thing

Vas vaszalan

I missed Hungarian hotwater


Ty st louis


Oh joy.... another amazing Illinois fact..... 2nd flatest.... great....

Luis Esquivel

1:46 did you see

Tony DeBacco

Bro on 5:46 there is a little girl in a white dress standing behind Angelo it might be me but idk


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