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AlphaStar: The inside story

And could add things such as voice control or music (perhaps even interactive music that changes with the game), or a light system hanging above that displays possible moves on the board (and if a piece falls down displays where it's supposed to go, etc.So a kid who's dad doesn't build it for him is screwed, huh?The only shitty thing about this clip is the comment section full of people feeling "bad" for Carl.) i wanna be such a heroe,like this guy.

I never realized how much LeVar Burton knew about chess.Very, Very Nice Jay!He is not constantly scheming on how to have more money or be more powerful etc.This length video isn't anywhere near too long for me, I like the longer ones.Any JS gods here?The most beautiful chessboard I've ever seen.How long it took you to do it they way?

I love watching you guysbut you gotta

I love watching you guysbut you gotta

Keeping it in my memory.In real life the ice would be slightly cloudy.I like how the first person to get sub hour said it wasn't possible.Looks like it could have been air trapped in the model.That eventually cost us a medal.Just saying, not forcing you to.

Calming and precise chess.

Calming and precise chess.

I always look forward to watching your videos.Very nice vidio sir.Biden:"We're all created equal by the.I love this guy.Animation:throw weapons at zombies Zombies: get damageMinecraft (Real):throw weapons at zombiesZombies: takes Imma end this man whole career.

Man is fucking creepy.Best Explanation.I learnt an Indian accent from this video!Mario, einfach nur geil geil geil.I also feel bad for the alchemist, reply to stephen lukner because the reply list is too long.All these tiny details look great.I always give Agadmator's videos a "like" even before watching them.

Kilat Surya

Keren pak akusuka sekali buat sayah boleh kah i love gitar

Terri Dahm

want to know what the hinges were on the floor in that little closet

Cooking with Natasha

My love of cooking and baking started when I first saw your show on Food Network...I was 11 and fell in love with your show it all started with you

Just Watch

Morphy doesn't like sacrifices? He should play Botez! :P

Hardcore Panda

So this is the inspiration of How to Basic.

over Michelucci

beautiful arnaque trick

Elizabeth Hair

what was your very first project that you wish you could do better, everything I've seen so far has been incredible Elizabeth Hair, Malta

Dang Thao

final fantasy: air heads

Keith Sweet

When does he synthise ketamine ?.

ruffhouse bros

Can I date linden


Dress matches the shoes


well im stuck cant get the Player Platformer Script to work please help

Gautom Chutia

best instructive endgame video I've watched.thanks for the video

Practical Art

nice work! chek out our latest video is also for a wooden chess tabe...enjoy:)


Lower yer table saw blade jeez!


Why didn't black get the white knight at 1:56?


ada yang janggalmenit 3.0kugda nya terbang coi

Alicia Costello

I adore her!


Tanq bayya

S R.

Your game looks very nice. Did you make it yourself ? Is it gifted for the review by somebody else ?Or did you have it made by somebody ?


Excellent. Yesterday, I made four raised panel doors.I had never made any in my life prior to that.With far less precise equipment, they still came out fairly decent.Not to mention, I hardly know what I am doing.I am most particular, and so do not abide less-than-perfect things.Still, I was amazed at how close the doors came out.This video showed me a couple mistakes I had made, and so will be of great help and application.Thank you for posting this!


The opponent is a CM in Indonesian, i think so

Robert Sheward

still love your projects and videos but can you please not get too far away from the how to's of woodworking it seems that a few of you videographers (i.e. Chris Solomon, among others) are getting away from videos on showing how to make things that we can ALL do with somewhat affordable tools and venturing imto this realm of computers! i for one got to my workshop to get away from that world (not to mention i could never understand it anyway) anyway keep up the good work i'll continue watching whatever you do!

Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

Let's try to use real science here, so many assumptions and speculations.


Hell Steve, Thanks. Could it be possible to make the same thing with a track saw and a router? It's all I got.

Darrin Hill

That’s not how u build any cue . It’s 2019 bud . Get a metal lathe with a roter . I built cues for 25 years . Your pour is okay but doing it 1900’s style is shit .


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