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Alphazero Stockfish 1-0 Great game you may have missed!

White is definitely better in that case.Hu hu hu em tha ri bn y chi gii hn em em xin li.Love your videos, the speedups are perfect.It's time to collect some pawns lol.Woody can brag that he played Kasparov to a draw.Kagibunshin Technic times 6.Me a beginner vs a master level?I enjoy his sense of humor.

3:00 part seems really similar to daft punkget lucky.Only me getting this recommendation in 2019?Then you do it again, and after repeating it 2 times and near the end, you can figure out the last trail.I am a 14 year old boy from India.If both sides draw all the game,how will they determine the winner.Y porque le decis filas a las columnas?

Our First Generation of all people who use this back in 2014 since this year if you been watching in your current year.Hey if u guys watching this and think I can do it hahah nope u need balls.People in the comment says its easy and heres me trying to understand it.14:57 hahahhah good one.Thanks for sharing Paul.Do you turn on the oven before you start baking?That was great, love your content Steve.Does this mean ur back rob!Why not buy a board large enough instead of glueing planks togheter?Oneyplays thinks Titanfall 2 would work great on this computer.

Remind them that

Remind them that

Great video, mate, just need better lighting on the workbench.Jerry is an awesome commentator and chess player.An I please be excused to ask a couple of persona questions.Even craziest than electing trump.Support craftsman and artisans.Just dreaming for the day i can get and see these things.Won't Get Fooled Again, Love Reign O'er Me, My Generation!Ultem 1010 loves to crack and de-laminate if you can't match the chamber temp of a very expensive Stratasys machine.

" --Nietzsche quotes"No theory, no formula, and no recipe can take the place of experience.In this video I will show-you-a-game between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.So,he had a good practice tooo.Torx all day long.Command recorder isn't installing.Hikaru totally sounds like napoleon dynamite.After Qxc3, there's Nxc3 then after Bxc6 there's Nxb1.Yeah rebecca harris is daniel naroditsky.This guy is an obnoxious butthole.

Q2KVprathi dani manam

Q2KVprathi dani manam

Teacher : Question about our topic?You piss poor pricks can't make a toaster Made in Russia that anybody in the right state of mind would buy, let alone a quality power tools.Zach is just annoying.If you thin the paint enough to work in that type of spraygun the result will not be good anyway, the layers will be too thin in my experience.Very inconvenient when working on a multi step project.

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Black should play 3.... e5and depending on the replies, the plan is to develop Be7 to exchange offhis bad bishop K side, not lock it away. He can alsopush a5 and develop his other knight to d7, and even throw in a q check if he needs white to commit to a development pattern. Certainly not what he did, even another 1600 player will take Black's head off with that sort of play.

Jon Blade

Beautiful build. Thank goodness for Filson, Shopbot, And the crafting Talents of all involved. Brilliant.

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Clark Ward

very nice, I love and have to try that,,,, Tell me what is that called that attached to the side of your router to guide the straight line so perfect, and how much is it about?

Chris Tunnell

5:37 is my favorite. I remember that from decades ago... the Bishop's a little brutal for a holy man, no?

Angel Mendez

Los amooooi!


For all the nerds out there we know this is LogN time complexity

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diresta is the best


Theo Vonn has taught me all about the dark arts boi


My comment wasn't featured at the beginning of the video :(

Tams Nagy

It was important for me to know how powerful is your DeWalt D21710, because I would never buy a drill which is not strong enough for this work you show us on this video. So I found the exact attruibutes - here they are:D21710:Chuck Capacity: 13 mmPower Input: 600 WattsPower Output: 300 WattsMax Torque: 12 NmNo Load Speed: 0-2600 rpmMax. Drilling Capacity [Wood]: 25 mmMax. Drilling Capacity [Steel]: 13 mmMax. Drilling Capacity [Concrete]: 16 mmSpindle Thread: 1/2In x 20 U.N.FWeight: 1.8 kgLength mm: 280 mmHeight: 185 mmVoltage: 240V

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Too fast

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