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AlphaZero vs Stockfish Analysis: Neural Nakamura Part 1

In the first second I noticed the guy is nerd enough so I decided to keep on watching.Coisa mais chata essa sinuca gringa.Wow man you killed it with the awesome insights on this one.Shame they didn't show them from both sides.Since u have experience, would it be a good idea if I wanted to use a long metal wire, heat it up and use it to burn in and separate all the individual squares?

If two were not connected, they could be the same color, reducing the number of colors necessary.Less metal does indeed heat faster, nice -).West borneo, indonesia.

Any other time im trying to calculate

Any other time im trying to calculate

Whats the song 11:50 ?Who you think was the best player ever.Rxb6 instead of axb6 fixing the black pawn structure?Just waiting for a Morphy video.I won 2 and got 2nd in the last race.Good vid, but where is Eric vs Aman?Any more questions i would be happy to answer.

Those games are awesome.2:58 i my parents have that hot sauce at home.Some sort of bell or notifier or something.Which wood essence did you use?Who is krastyo darlanov?What is the point of the entire video?A formidable opponent to say the least.Congratulations iman im so proud and happy for you godbless.

Your mom is

Your mom is

Laws being enforced.I take you with a grain of salt.I have made many purchases from Ancient Chess and can recommend Mr.I’m RussianEd on Li if you guys want to play me.Greece dont egsist We are the Story yllirians frome the sirius star who named all the world Like A FRIKA is Scary A MER ICA GREAT AND BIG PLACE TO GO ARGENTIN YOU FINDE GOLD AND ARGENTINA IS FULL WITH GOLDTROJACountry (our Lands)Sparta Spartans Sword, SwordsmanLeonida Leo ni da ( is born a dragon)EXCALIBURIS NOT BORN THET MAN ( TO TAKE THE SWORD FROME STONE)Achilesak i let ( he is light "fast")Every Single word who the greeks think was greece or "ancient greek" language has not a Meaning in theire language.

Holy crap dude, this is seriously impressive.58 is brilliant, clear draw, opponent doesn't trade off and pushes for win.I'm thinking since sections of the circuit boards run hotter than other parts would that have cause inconsistencies with warping the resin?A better quotation for this game would have been "the pin is mightier than the sword".Box of matches: depending on how a problem is presented- subtle encouragement to tackle it in a specific way, such as underlining parts of the title- leads to solving it much easier.

Moth Hunter

Purposely trying to draw stresses me out and makes me understand the game both at the same time. My brain is happy and stressed


That’s a stupid title of the video. Vishy didn’t trick Ding. He was fighting for a draw the entire game. Ding didn’t want a draw after he messed up that pin on b line and was simply punished but definitely not tricked. I understand you support Indian chess players but be realistic and professional not click bait and exaggerating uploader. Super quality though.

Gia Bo L

Like: 295-4

devin Johnson

I did not know that it was built by Gondor. It has a menacing look and I thought it would have been built by sauron. I didnt know how powerful gondor was during the second age

Patrick Perry

Incredible whimsy.

M Thompson

Haters Jacob Marks


Awsome yar ultimate


why wasn't the pawn from c4 eaten by black in the beginning?

My Vintage Diary

I live vintage tools I subscribed you.

marchella Avril

Kawawa namn!!

Ehsan Ag

1:33 stupid idiot black king to g3 is winning instead of pushing pawn you fucktard brain fart

Rudolph Alba

Say Moe dont doing at house please dont this is ur friend Rudolph Alba ok we care for you guys ok dont trying in house ok

Kevin Byrne

One little mistake in the opening and then ... disaster.

Abdelkader Elbachir

Wait, what a big donut. !? ()


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