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Every time Gary shakes his head I head Dmitri Komarov saying "can't believable!Thank Miss Susan.Just when i thought that your content couldn’t get any worse you BARELY save and kill a shiny.I feel very lucky to see this.Couldn’t we use this alloy to build an energyefficient engine in which we use the alloy in an way to reform itself back from a state it once was in to a changed state and then back?MUSIC ON 5:05 please.I’m too lathey to complete something like this.

Thank you very much.Jerry Wess can beat Nu Jersey Twork.Make mold the shape you want to end with?00:29 vua e 8 anh i.

Will you pls tell if its legal to

Will you pls tell if its legal to

You should put a slot in the base to hold the angle block, so you don’t need to fiddle with it while you set the height of the stone.Use a plastic garbageTrash can bag.3:42 Why not bxc3?Justo a tiempo x3 ando viendo eso gracias.I’ve been struggling for awhile.Here goes nothing !Can anyone tell me whats with the brown paper and why it is always torn on the side.Can you add more games of Karpov vs Kasparov?



Was routing for Navara actually, if for no other reason than Alpha Zero’s claim to have busted a major opening like the elegant counterpart to the Kings Indian Defense is rather depressing.9:45 rook captures pawn loses immediately to rook to e1 check.Never mind keep up good work.After watching this video feel better about why people lied to me: They want to feel better about themselves.Is the white queen a drag queen?

So basically our of

So basically our of

What does he play 4 food ?Very instructive rook endgame!May be worth shining some light on?Grabe na kakaiyak silola.I just bought my self a bench Mill Drill from Hare and Forbes in Sydney I'm more into re-engineering and Tools for myself.Yep, what do you think MatoJelic ?How elaborate, what's wrong with a top with holes in it?That would have made a great photo op, but probably would have distracted him.Cho em xin link nhc vi !


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agadmator's Chess Channel - you're honestly the best for always making your best effort to pronounce all the chess players' names correctly.Even if you mess up, we can tell you're trying. You're the best, man!


Is this your full time employment?I do really enjoy watching.

The Automaticist

My first opponent was my dad whenI was five. Could barely understand what was going on but my dad went easy on me

Dan Gullerud

Thanks Thomas. What if you had a page that scrolled left and right rather than up and down and wanted to activate an animation in a similar way? Can this be modified to accommodate this, or do you recommend a different solution?

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I thought the killer move was Ng5...If Rf7: Qxh7, Kf8, Qh8If h6: Qg6 and then white should win regardless of black's next move. All the options Be4 (with reply Bxe4), hxg5, Bxg5, Bxe5, Qf7 or Rf7 should still lead to check-mate, right?

Robert Wagner

I just moved into a new house and decided to pitch my old (well used) sawhorses rather than move them. The others weren't foldable, which also led to their demise.I think I'll try out this design, looks space saving enough for me.

Bob Stein

The moral: if the only way to get ahead is by destroying others, then society's progress is severely limited.

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What happend's if this guys got a chance to play againstBobby Fischer


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