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Amazing Attacking Chess : Kerbz vs Diemer : Black won in 13 moves only

Thank you very much sir!An insight or eye opener, to the EVGRAY forum membership and many thanks to Josephine Seyer for posting it to US.North South and East West.But i guess youre working for a sick company now and making good money.It isn't about the thickness of the walls you left.WOW IDOL GOSU GENERAL.It's easy to picture a witch, or alchemist shaking a potion vial to achieve the effect they are trying to produce.Touching the tuning dial was forbidden!

Very cool, love to watch!Bless you for keeping the craft alive.I am grateful for coming out ahead.Then what would be black's best move?You guys are as dumb as they come.INDIA WILL BE HAPPY.

Great result, well done.Hpp 1 error generated.I wonder how well it can be used for heat as well.By chance are you Dutch?Americani esaltati!I wanna Know ur opinion about that, anything you say matter's to me so plz helpp.Maybe ushould put some shit banter.It's a supper winning Combo Buddy!As a former dentist you can imagine that I have a extensive experience in working with drills and reamers (root canals and so ) but no experience in working with a lathe.

Beer was the common drink and wine the fine drink in northern Europeand vice versa in southern europe.Always remember, always bet on black.Every time he finishes a segment he has a signature little mustache grin as if to say, "Yeah.Magnus is a chess monster ).Only 1 reason kids always play him.The plane you flew to Japan on was a American Airlines B757-200 I think just so u know my knowledge on planes for a British person is mind blowing.I am from Bangladesh.It’s gonna take me a while to get it and get good at it.

Nguyen anh Tuan

hay qua

Adreana Azalea

You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Alexandra! Luv Ya, Hun! =D

H5WE 3

im like 9 years old and i solved it. Seriously it took me 15 sec!

Alex Pololy

1:45 Magnus reaction xDDD

Jeff Bradley

Shesees a man as a baby

deepak nager

this is the first time i perfectly knew the tool geometry in my four year of mechanical engineering ,thank you ,owsome explaination again thanks

Eusebiu Sopterean


Gabrielle Nesci

I'm noticing a trend between serial killers...Extensive parental abuse and/or parents not allowing them to be normal childrenRape or sexual harrassmentHorribly bulliedEarly introduction to and normalization of violence...No wonder these serial killers became killers, just look at the kind of childhoods they all had. It makes me feel bad for them a bit. If only they had been raised right and had a good childhood, they could've turned out to be normal people. I don't approve of them killing and such, but obviously what had happened to them all left them very disturbed. And even if they did have some kind of mental disorder at birth, if they were raised correctly and had gotten help, this could've very wel been avoided.

Vincent Gonzales

7:55 STOP! Rotate the board! The BW configuration is wrong for a chess board! He’s routing out the letter H on the wrong color! H1 is whiteNOT black!

aqu. wer

Le gusta lo kiky nancy

Werner Von Braun

Wont aluminium become toxic when it interacts with hot liquids?

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