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Amazing Queen maneuver by Mikhail Tal

Thanks,that was fantastic.19:07 Eugene what fricking universe is this.Funny but I memorized all the moves first go around.4:58 Where's my arm?

And should get more recognition!It's perfect for the average person most likely will see something in question and tell themselves, "how artistic.Pioneer made some really tape decks too in the 80s.Susan I love this video how much does it cost I cant pay to im handicapped.I wish I had a workshop like yours.Cancer cell: IM NOT NORMAL DEFENSIVE MECHANICSIM: KYS.They just don't know it yet.McClellan: I didn’t cheat!

Maple syrup and Chantilly save the

Maple syrup and Chantilly save the

Black bishop takes white knight on c6 to prevent checkmate threat of queen to b82.Or at least I think that was it’s name.John:There has got to be another type of joint that can be used with 14" plywood that does not employ finger joints.I like seeing the ratings shows the strength of the GM and saves me time to look for it.Buenas noches los scripts los podra subir para descargarlos.Turns out it's not.21:19, Professor Kaku unfortunately glosses over the facts of WHY there is no internet, and, thus, poverty, in the unilluminatedportions of the map, and how "the fruits of all of our labor" were actually financed.Was that a subscriber count that is being gifted?

D em xin li anh.Very nice recorded!Hey Bert, you can practice before recording.Keep up the good work.I would get a giant piece of paper then and boom it’s at the moon when I fold.Goddamn his nipples are the size of pancakes.

Seems like the world cup is more like computers Vs humans where the computer wins cuz humans get tired.Bedorned, onbeskof ouens 'n' moffies.3:30 Can someone explain why taking the bishop is bad ?It's way better!If you try to sugarcoat itby talking about Brocadesilkroad, this would just be wrong.I'm so sadddthe end of a beautiful story.Next: WHATS INSIDE JAIL.

Man I can't wait to see Bidens evil bleeding, ranting incoherently while he debates Trump.3:44 - Wow I guessed that move but I myself would have gone knight takes e4 :-).It still got a nearly broken power switch which is really hard to fix but I used a way around it: the Radio stays in the (on) position the whole time and is plugged into a TEAC TT-2 HiFi-timer which turns the power on and of.I can't believe that Nola, who exposed the mole got like zero credit for it.So, we basically just avatars for this stuff, huh?12:21 e to an algebraic number must be transcendental?

I hate to see people using

I hate to see people using

But watching this, the light came on!I made it to the point you mentioned!Ah, the age old saying Anything you can do, an asian can do better.Today that might be a problem because with current computers, it would be possible to track what each individual house was listening to, which could be a privacy issue.Genial mas vdeos por favor.Its not about lighting, ITS A PIECE OF ART !Once again got to watch amazing attack of the magician.Turns out you can't because it 1.

Libardo Mazariegos

I have mad mttr the 3 one!!

Cheryl Adams

Giratina is my favorite legendary along with necrozma and rayquaza

Nitin Yadav

2:50 queen E5

Gaming With the boys



Fell into this trap online a while ago. I’m rated roughly 2000 so when I saw Carlini fall for it too, made me feel better

Mopar Man

Must admit I learned something here !I like the puzzle / have to make one !didn't really care for the comedy, all the commedians outta work an your trying to be funny. You should take your act on the road.

afram haddad



Ah!I just subscribed because the commentary on the game is so good.

Ammar Hassan

Man I love how u teach things with an analogy. I get thing 10x quicker with analogies.Thanks! keep rocking brother!

Ollis Tubekanal

Schnick and Schnack

Shijo Unni

Love it when u can get a chance you could have done that you

Uchiha Madara

Thanks for i had to draw a match cuz i didn't know how to checkmate with a knight and a bishop

The mad hatter

When you dealing with real people, real shit happens and it's handled in a real way. It's sad that it happened on both sides but norbes knows what he did

Fluffy Giant


eileen thepotato

Keith’s weakness: embarrassed Ned weakness: has a family Zach weakness: nothing Eugene’s weakness: he’s gay

corri ash

I thought it said "inside the mind of a masturbator"Ok ted talks

Alex Gilmore

Where do you get that flexible sandpaper?


sorry Kxb3 was meant.

Bibash Tiwari

What's the name the game

Phillip Spinner

Hey Jay what kind of dust collection thing is that on your table saw at 7:06 in the video?


Great lecture by Finegold as usual!

jamie oxenreider

Don’t let these people pass the buck Lou


People please buy gas masks if you have asthma etc pollution spreads around the world threw wind it took a few weeks to get to America it's air born community spread my assHistory repeats Spanish flu


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