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A modern game beyond its Era! || John Nunn vs Raymond Keene || 1971 Hammersmith || Modern Defence

Bigest blunder ever.But it still looks awesome.You really have to hunt for the basics.Computer guy here, in calculator it’s programmed in hardware and software if the denominator is zero to just error.I love all your work!Great stuff I hope we will see more of this very educational and I like IM Rossen very much.

Festool has a working table called MFT3, which integrates a miter gauge and a track.I just thought I'd share lol.When white plays c8 and gets a queen, he doesn't put black in check, and black can then check the white king, and work with that adantage from there.Actually it was fun watching you play online game.It doesn't matter where you are - life is beautiful.

YouTube supports genocide.12-1 Magnus Carlson.For God so loved he world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.I love when he says GG brath GG brath when hansen made blunder.This video has ran more than 2 times before.

Money is not worth your soul.

Money is not worth your soul.

It was never proven that he killed Roy Demeo.How much do you want for it?Do you think this will work with my Kia Rio?This is what you show new players when they ask you why they should develop.Magnus is Messi of chess, so magical.

Que aweonaos,escuchando weas

Que aweonaos,escuchando weas

Sorry, I'm gonna have to give this video a thumbs down.Brilliant clock.10:49 I'd have gone for g6 to rip that defence open, but Fischer's move is much more elegant).Or Canadians as well?What is partical collider.

Ipsita Biswas

"chess threesome"

Rakesh hanuman

Finally who has won


arteezy pretty good chess player.

Shruthi Sunil

I love this channel I am learning how to develop my pieces and to win the match my whole family has subscribe

Dom Trussardi

Girl wins at chess > processed through misogynist mind > BITCH BE CHEATIN!

Aicha Kaouach

obviously everyone failled at the last one


Quick, adjust the Tuning Leyden Jar to 680 kHz!


I just found this channel and im loving it


too much pressure for Chucky

Abbas Alrowaish

It's not art but fart

Keith Ressler

I enjoy the project and the videos as always. That SS Square looks great too I don’t know if you get this kind of feedback from others but I ordered mine in June and still haven’t received it, it’s a bummer that they can’t get them out to everyone with a little more consistency.

Samuel Mason

nobody else noticed the squeaks were morse code? Sad tournament.


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