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An Absolutely Impressive Chess Game | Rashid Nezhmetdinov vs Mikhail Tal | 1959

I, in love with this.Music on background from dkcI've reached the end of the internet.I love your work.The level 3 chefs onion rings be looking like Funyuns.At 11:05 I heard a British accentin my head saying "push Harry!My grandfather was a very good carpenter and was trained as a furniture carpenter.I think I’ll just get some stencils, crayons and stick to a colouring book after seeing this, but kudos to Matt for his woodworking skills!

I like hoy you play.I just used the Law of Diminishing Fuckups to calculate the number of days that would pass in which all six seeds either stayed as seeds or died, which was about 8.At 9:35 I would promote to a knight for fun.Do ko maintindihan.Check Out How We Did It."Well this just got really dark.

Computers led the way.

Computers led the way.

Stay safe wood workers world wide and happy cutting!2 pht 55 c nc hay lm a bit nc j.The top left tube doesn't have a "6" 37:20.We want you to,stick around.They exploited the hell out of that lol.The sliding headboard is an awesome idea!Still would like plans just like 2 years ago :-).You should have bought a brain with that money.Nine inch mails.

Chris Chappell www.

Chris Chappell www.

Happy woodworking!Thanks, again for the work you do.Bocil Epep Yang Dateng Nonton Ke sini.2:25:31, While Loops im up to incase my computer decides to be annoying again and go to the previous page so i loose where im up to.I think she is lovely as well, and I hope she does more videos.a node 5 added inside the triangle that can connect to it must be in one of the sub-triangles formed when node 4 was addeda node 5 inside one of the sub-triangles is isolated and cannot connect to points outside that sub-triangle, meaning it can only connect to 3 out of the 4 nodes and therefore there would not be able to connect to the fourth node and force it to be a different color.Work experience.At 20:10 he's also covering the pawn on f5.I have a questionapka cake top sy dry hai mera thora soggy ya gela sa reh jata haime non stick pot use krti hun glass lid wala.

good job hope a good luck It seems that you love your daughter very much

Pew PewPew Pew



Thank you for spanking your adopted child for our amusement...we are truly grateful


Merry Christmas, you rock.

Johara Alblushi

Tahira to get itYes

Ivana Hanzic

best chess channel but this "hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!" breaking my ears every time I open the video and didn't prepare my ears for breakdown


1:57 This map is wrong, there is no connection between Morocco and Spain

Alpha Wave

Skipits not that deep

infinit finites

is there a channel with no analysis?

Steven Moses

What is that bit of Pythagoras that gives your unit box a height of root 2?


This is what I heard.Botvinnik said that he saw he can get a draw after Ba3.But as the game went on he saw the winning way.After the game Capablanca said very clear very good.


at 2:36, instead of Kb4 for white, just Rb5 does the job faster and puts the black king on the back rank faster lol.


32:14Why the heck is it showing the king as being in check? There's no check here.


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