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An Attacking Masterpiece Against An Uncastled King - Schmidt vs. Kuligowski, 1979

This guy should have just left it alone.3:26 I think that is a blunder because Rxd4 is possible because Rc8 is not possible because Nxc8 won the game If im wrong please tell me.If you need a draw go for scholar's mate.Doesn'tthe black rook blocking it's way?High status summit ))).Close enough, I thought of promoting c8, then rook captures f7 and then promote a8, cutting of the promotion in exchange of a rook.

Rodney Alcala: don’t worry, i’m not a kidnapper i’m a family friendgirl that’s about to get kidnapped(forgot her name): hmm, that sounds so believable, let’s do it me: GIRL WHY YOU DO THAT.Love the passion for science this man has.Music at 4:25 pls?One of my favorite Fischer games.The establishment has 2 choices: walk away gracefully now or be thrown into the ash heap of history later.J'admire le travail.

I believe this

I believe this

I've hear a few renowned violinists in my life, being lucky here in NYC, Mr.It is not just a Utah thing.Great video as always.N SMACC LET HIM DO IT (MIKE EPPS VOICE).What chess set (pieces) are those in the thumbnail photo?If he didn't capture the bishop and played Kf2 instead, black still move his king on f5 and one move away to black's precious sqaure (d4).

Came Back Here For 1M Views Celebration.I get wiped from the board.Chess ohh Chess.You're saying it should be valley-valley-valley-valley-peak-peak-peak-peak?I know he was just explaining WHY it's true geometrically, but this is a way to save your time.Is this the result of brain centred consciousness.

It's just used to fill any

It's just used to fill any

Kya Kar Raha h Bhai kuch to samjha hum bilkul copy nhi karege.Finaly I will be on Agamator's chanelMe: hold my king.That might work great for your duplicator.This is too much power for 1 man.Excellent video!

Lisa R

We also manufacture the smaller board as that was the original size we can out with then to a larger size but we also make the Silicone Chess pieces as a whole sett to at XSKN website under XSKN Innovations. send me a request and we can get that out to you and also give you pricing,

Mariano Freyre

Perfect. Co gratulations. Interview for internet, not for live transmission.

Ashielf Rydlen

It sounds like you desperately need a new grinder. Is there some reason you haven't gotten one yet?

Jose Saavedra

Master always giving 100%. What a great example of authenticity and success.

Steel Karpov

Excelente entonces aki estaremos ansiosos esperando mas lecciones.

Jaechan Lee

I saw grandmaster as grandmother

Mutato Nomine

Thank you for a very clear and precise analysis without any histrionics. I never realized how great a player  Tal was.

Sagar Shah

Thank you!

Jose Silva

Did everyone noticed the gold crash that just happened? Yeah... Go write a check for that, will ya?


are you elon musks dad or some shit

Eh oh

Watching you spray made me cringe. Everything else thumbs up


Can someone explain to me the move at 1:05:18 He clearly does an illegal move but still captures a pavvn?? vvhat the hell is going on??

False Flag

the dislikes are from vegans...

Corey Newkirk

yikes I posted 3 comments and created typos i meant to ask why Nf1 at 21:32 instead of trading queens.sry about the two other comments

joey defarco

If masks don't help then why do healthcare workers need them? Sounds fishy to me


Trump play 4D


Time stamp for the dogs please!


Vidit is a benevolent and bright human being.

Arriaga Two

Nudity is still against the law in the States, so I'm not surprised at all that they are little slow regarding everything else

Charito Cataluna

What name of the game

Bart Meines

! L,,,,,,,,,,,, llkkkkkjhbbbb4bb4b uugjhnjnnnnnmnnhhhhhh uuuu u66mm666m6666666mntrvewxwq


Umm, it doesn't have to be the 60s for a good wholesome family to be playing together with guns in the background.....It's 2019 and and good wholesome family still play together with guns in the background and in their hands.....You're welcome for that World War II thing by the way!

Hydra TV

1:51 is it long hook range

Faisal Ramadhan Budiono

I really appreciate Matt preciseness on arranging the dominos

Lucas C.

Dear Frank, You say the onion rings are gluten free but you out beer in the batter, who has barley, one of the components that make up gluten.


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