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Andy Roddick ● The Funniest Guy Behind a Microphone

Penetration testing.How long from start to finish did it take you to complete this work of art?5 for a picture of a radio.He never hesitated once the battle started.Care would be taken to keep the two alive for as long as possible to maximize their suffering because if anyone ever deserved punishment, it was these two monsters.You are a very talented individual and it's a pleasure to see you use your many skills to fix and build things.

She murdered people then claimed Ray was a threat to the public.Please send me the game link.I've ben watching moe videos for three years now I just noticed that.

So much was squandered when they could have been making so much money just tapping into the designs and selling the talents and skills of those who dreamt up such magnificent experiments.Cut just off the line, then belt sand the rest of the way.Most impressive!YES GO VEGGIE SIMON!Okay, that’s beautiful!Grabe yung iyak ko dto habang pinapanuod ko to ramdam na ramdam ko.Knight moves to opposite color for simply understanding.About a year ago I saw copies of the gripper on Aliexpress for $36 but didn't buy one for risk if import and taxes they would add at least 35.In the mean time I tried to fix the table, and that is in this video: out!That is still not clear to me.

From there every thing else

From there every thing else

Informative presentation for people in classroom not for us watching the video for we don't see what you are pointing for onboardthumbs down.Kh8 without much thought.I like the process.Great video, as always!At 12:13 why not Kg6 from black ?Looks sweet, Shaun.Trilithium - the way Riker says Trilithium?What are the sequence.Magnus is doing what Fischer was doing 50 years ago.Carlsen vs arteezy.

How the fuck does black lose if

How the fuck does black lose if

Who tf sets out to be a funeral director.1:07:54 Why not just e2?This video was so helpful.Then: they say goodbye and find out they forgot it.I love this content.Nicely explained!


I really like playing those elite tourneys. I like the pressure! GGs KC!

Kirito Kirigaya

What if you haven’t taken physics in high school???

Syed Raza

why i never stumble upon any useful thing

Robin Lundqvist

what was he upset at D:

Rron Mavraj 123

at this point, they could be called the spray tan guys


Lol maybe 5% success rate on move predictions.

Gary Bates

A beautiful game and fantastic commentary. Thanks! :)


at 3:48 they're almost mirrored with each other

Jen Dart

Wow his mom was in such denial.

Veni Vidi Vici

What a piece of shit

Igor L

You have some great projects, this tv stand and that live edge table are realy awesome. You deserve more views and subscribers, hope they will come soon. Looking forward for your new projects!

Ping Yu

don't dare u hit the dislike button!!!

William Tuten

Great video! I'd love some longer time format

Tuan Dao



Whats your builds please show me


You have a Brit-erican accent? It sounds like british but also american


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