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Anime Boston 2008 Cosplay Chess - #16

To bad he didn't mention that carbon is part of carbon dioxide.Before I even watched this video I knew there would be comments like "she's pretty".What's with the camera angle?" Kids sobbing sounds from arts and crafts isle Fourth attempt-Nick walks in Lady "get.

Hello what's the oil?Also, how can I get a position like yours, but in Colorado?I think it is astonishing.Why 3 different woods?That was intense af.That's like 200 bucks just of clamps.

The puzzles look really

The puzzles look really

Got all correct.Declares the Lord.It's a bit like Sudoku.David Pruess on the left there!I just did it with out magnets connecting.01a3 03a2b 03a2c03b2a 06abc 03c2a01b3 03b2c 03c2b 01c3.I clearly see the holdlibrary cardcatalog inspiration in ther.

I would have found f204but meh, still

I would have found f204but meh, still

I think this guy could build a desk if you give him some pine tree seeds and some bare land.My 8-year-old also watched it from the begging to the end with bated breath.In all seriousness what do you do at 9:41.Very interesting and informative, thanks a lot Nik!They would be much easier to work on with spikes, also they would try to float in resin - just like real mines.Salamat sa Diyos.The way you use logical explanation that are very easy and extremely entertaining to watch.

Hey Rob, you said the people killed that day range from 4 months-74 years old.Im so happy when youtubers have respect and support each other!Why does this game not have nickname yet?11 kungfu hustle right there.So thank you for introducing us to this ancient and interesting strategy game.What's the piece that starts in the beginning?Is there another configuration in S with the same properties?Why does this fat guy think that because he is good a chess he can opine on national politics?I can't stand the dump ass official's.


All life on Earth (and possibly beyond) is one big family.

V cool

You have not shown what to do with the milk in which you added lemon. Specify

Marcus Jones

Prof Stankova makes me wish I'd gone to Stanford.

Jhon bowen

ill never ply with a 8 yers kid..hahah

Shaider Riz

The "Tab" key that is never used on Commodore 64 got broken!....interesting!

Tayler Bradley

You don't need a lie detector test to tell that Ned is lying

Glenn Mortel

RG1 at 15:05???

Moonchild's first love

Im starting to think j-hope doesn't like his past self that much he told that boy to get lost while cringing at the way he lookedXD


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