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Anime Boston 2014 Cosplay Chess Part 6

Great presentation, I enjoyed it very much.Please make a video about Famous GM openings(Bobby Fischer, Carslen, Vishy Anand, Gary Kasprove)."Chess is a game of unending beauty it's not just about checks and attacks, you have to be creative " - Gary Kasparov in his masterclass.

I play moves like that all the time, I'm constantly losing my pieces.Wow that's a great technique mate,thanks a lot !Axb4 %clk 0:09:31 Ne5 %clk 0:12:04 27.Noen is not what I expected.I knew I had to calculate all those but for some reason I wouldn't put them in order.

Your code is very easy to read and helpful to my imptovement.Really good video thank you, showing all the set ups for each cut and tool made a difference the length should put no one off, maybe you could add some time stamps in the description however for your longer videos, here are some for people.Wow this is Awesome3 PASS PAWN in the Center,not often you will see this.Sick of people who want change but with rules to the game.The pronounciation of the question was bad, which caused me to misunderstand the riddle.

I wanter her to win.

I wanter her to win.

When i say 8, its the ninth card why?Thanks on advance.I love your projects.Krishna's era was five thousands years ago, prior to that era, the era was Rama's, which was more than fifteen thousand years ago and so forth the reincarnation back dates tens and thousand years.It's not clear whether they know what what happens in the other cell or not.In chess mistake makes you.Solution:Everyone take off their hats.SetFramerateLimit(60) Texture t1, t2 t1.

But I'm decently

But I'm decently

I think it's wrong to call it a shame, cause I thought something happened like a brawl between players or some serious stuff.No need support the fall of western civilization.Thanks it's simple coding inhtmlp.The king must move.Bernie Sanders is a nothing burger.

(U can move the castle in

(U can move the castle in

Where can I downloaded it from apple apps?And they're not being taught the importance of the housefoundation they're standing on because it's all about the money.We need them(Physicist) but we need people too on enforcing order and discipline on complicated human behaviors.Uzokunikeza amandla okuqala konke kusuka ekuqaleni.Buckbeak's Flight still makes my eyes full with tears after all years It's kind of feelings by freedom, besides all sorrowful things in the life.Guys at min 4:45 why didnt dubov Rook capture knight its free knight.Ive been working on a mask product for ages and its incorporating an led strip into the trim of a translucent resin mask base to allow for full rgb control via coding.I'm just here because Lelouch from Code Geass is my favoutite anime character.When Ned fell in the first 10seconds i was not expecting it and had a fuckin heart attack.Ontology always collapses on epistemology            to believe is to know you believe   to know you believe is not to believe    lmao             what we usually believe is otherness   or object of our subjective experience     and  such can only be discern by death of ego and if such exceeded      there will not be a motive to solve any fucking problem   cus none will seem like a problem one may interested in neither sees as a problem  and  there is no desire to solve it         interest is only about the entity or agent     which makes problem solving possible  to abuse its power to justify necessity of otherness for social self.

Brain Wash Worldwide

"Do I have a better move?" key quote of this video imo


What plywood would you recommend? FYI I know almost nothing about wood!

dennis spade

I wonder nasan na kaya ung mga kapatid nito...

Krititwa paul

Which software do u use for programming?

Robert Choutka

"What can point in any direction but can't reach the destination by itself"=a COMPASS !


Great vid thanks :)

hola amigos

25:42 "How should I put this delicately.. but.. fk you factor, to this position.."XD XD

Fiery Phoenix

Keith i think that yours was really good btw


I don't understand when it's time to remove the rust why he used a chemical product for certain parts, the sandblasting process for some other parts and then the metallic brush. Anyone could clear this to me? Why not using only the metallic brush?

wild tiger

At 16:05 mate in one two three.... Never mind... Make me laugh

Nick Mcleay

'That's how chess works - it's always interesting' Never a truer word spoken on this channel!

Scott Miller

I loved the idea of starting to learn code before opening your computer! I had a tough time with tutorials that run through syntax and expect you to memorize where it goes rather than why it goes there. I’m one if those people that needs to know why!


stop using wood ..Greta Thunberg save the trees....

Mark Roberts

Stunning! Thank you so much for this video.


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