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And shooney was reading the bars for her when she forgot!He was waaaaaaaaay ahead of his time.Worthless without a water jacket.So is it just me or you seemed a lot happier playing on Lichess as opposed to Chess.At 32:20 you can click on the "eye"-button just beneath the G-file to see how this position arose.

With another purchase I received a

With another purchase I received a

One question, Did you allow for the concrete screw heads in the depth of the recess on the back of the mantle piece?Hey everyone I just won an iPhone X on this giveaway.Which butter should we useSalted or unsalted.Great explanation, great video.Most DIYers want stuff quick and cheap.That's a big pawn.Hi, my name is John, and i'm gayer than aids and I cannot stop thinking about meat.

How is that checkmate?Literally turned it off because of the Skype notifications.It's going to open a direct attack by the rook on the g file if white captures with 2.OMG bro you are a genius.Scientist deny the fact that gold came from supernova as stars don't possess this much energy to fuse above iron instead it came from the collision of two neutrons.

Very suspicious.

Very suspicious.

Has 9 seconds to play "I think black is in a big big trouble".I believe white wins a bishop by force in one of 2 ways.This video, contains the answer to humanity’s ignorance (and the solution to nearly all our problems).My main goal will be chess pieces.""THIS IS RESIGNABLE RIGHT NOW!I just found this video and am very glad I did.One of my favorite chessnetwork videos :).Clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns.Sure Tal would have made some crazy sacrifices in white's position.

gerardo altamirano



Actuallyyes Ihavebeenstopped-by thebritishgovernment - they want the acclaim andfame-plus all the moneyfrom thesales of and including "PiLHyT"( for air safety ).Threedimensionalair-craftspace-craft positiondisplay - of1989(yep30 years ago) - beenother inventions sincethey wantthose.They wanted it giftedto them -theirgame playisto accuseinventor of access to(military) classifiedinformation- wherethebritjudicialsystemautomaticaly imprisons .Nevertold- american have 19,000 airports5,000commercialyandtheyonly dohome brewsystems,at average of $10,million buildon each .Their policy to never pay -Been other attackssince - so that 'they' havecompendium to relateto othergovernments- such as usaif to reside there Droppedletters into the embassies in London(UK)Thebrits want topovertysituation tocontrol thusas no real moneyandhaving destroyeddocumentation on "PiLHyT"- cannotbe botheredtodocuments others - whichis perfectlyinline with theirmanagement attitude.APAG on "Stingray"// 7511 -48subroutines inFORTRAN / ASSEMBLER neverbeendocumented.BecauseI'took time' Igotbollockedforothers not documenting their work .Looked around for anotherjob - no pointin being there.Same as nopointinbeing atbrunel ( universityforintellectuallychallenged) same style attitude ofmanagement

AnshulTeja B

Cmon now, those chess pieces have magnets on the bottom and a person moving another magnet underneath the table, that’s why there’s a cloth on the table. But i still love moe, been a fan for 2 years

Bert Sendobry

Top !

Chie Sebastian

There is one thing but I cannot send it to you I was playingwith ailing any I was level 10 and Aldous level 15 and I have half bar and I was locked by Aldous and when he attacked me in the middle of inner turret and base turret and I was little health like black bar but alive and I rearranged him liked it? Tell me


WOW. Whata game? White played so spectacularly.

Justin Applehead

Carl wheezer

Daniel Smith

After talking about prophylactic measures there was a pregnant pause.


The town she moved to in Indiana is next to my hometown!

Mike Ciaccio - Artist

These tutorials are good.

the pianist

thank god you're back I was getting crazy re- watching alpha zeros games over and over again :D

0 polution - Unlimited Energy Projects

Thats a fuel. Idiot scammer. BIOETHANOL its a bio fuel. Alcohol.

MajkG MajkG

This is Hou Yifan, not Yifan Hou. :)


Dexter didn't just end bad, it was going downhill for a while. I hope it gave him so much pain to see, but he seems like the type of moron that wouldn't see the issues.


As long as I can smash the cubes I’ll buy them

Martin Swaine

What a master blacksmith pleasure to woch

Rob Gandy

Cool solution.Exactly as I would have done it.However, I'm not in grade 5.I'm over 50 years old.Grin.

Maxxo Taxxo

The cartoon cheese looks more delicious than the real life one

Virginia Soskin

Art Deco furniture is not my style but you did a fantastic job on this.It looks brand new!I like how you fabricated new front bottom pieces and used bars to stiffen up the sides.Great drawer handles too!



Dennis medina

You suck you are only rated 2400 dude what the frick

Hamza B

How is that an end grain board?

rusted corvid.butterfly

How did I know you were British before watching this video

Stuff I Made

Design of the handles are so sweet!

Wyatt b

strongest move

Dustin Light

Rex, what paper are you using for the Grinding? I have trouble finding 100 grit locally that can stand up to tool steel.

Andrew j Morley

That's for lighting ships boilers I reckon.

Demetrius S. Thompson


Mr Triggerd

What did they expect a house

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