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Anime Central 2007 - #S09 Asuma Training Techniques

Like nyo toh kung isa kayo sa naiyak dto.I had no idea you could sand blast wood.Used your step by step instructions and built a slightly modified set using 70mmx 30mm pine timber.Ang Laki nani awra.Then the awesome tactic Qg1 which is supported by the knight, forcing the rook to take with Rxg1.Paul Morphy was such a beast!He’ll always be known as a cheater.

I wonder how many times these two have played each other in the last 10 years or so.To Greenland it is!How much Wohle this amazing board costs?I lost one of my dogs the same month as yours.''Me: As basically every german vehicles afzer WW2.It’s all fun games until Magnus enters endgame.

45 on the pop quiz :D.We spent maybe the first month of his life in the hospital.Isn't at 7:38, Kh8 just followed by Kf7 discovered checkmate?Can you please do a tutorial on active ragdoll like walk,run,or jumping ragdolls.It's a waste of time if a checkmate is inevitable.I WAS THE 125th LIKE.Still curious on why you didnt enter Jerry, a game against magnus would be like playing computer impossible again lol.:D After years of being bullied in high-school and college and getting no action at all, suddenly we're here, sitting face to face with a decent female specimen who's actually showing interest in Fabiano Time to bring out those infamous opening moves Fabi!Against Reshevsky?Yeeaaah THE DOG yeeppeeee.

I want a circle generator.I just picked up a 1958 Dewalt GWI 1.Thank you so much for your insight.Wow, what an amazing game!I'm not blaming Magnus, but i blame "super computer" phenomenon.Your existence proves the there is a creator.This was totally delightful.

His breaths tho.

His breaths tho.

Dude your accent makes you sound professional and keeps me watching.1:10 is it just me or is the distance between 2,2 mil and 9 mil a tad bit to small?Congratulations.4:00 zach: ()q(q).El cubano jugo contra el chino lol.

Kalo ada gambit aja.Great instructional video.Hello from the future.In truth, the way I thought about it is that the real mistake is when we say that 1x3 only has solution x1.Black wins with Kb6.2:01:50 "We're on an even playing field if we both don't know what's going on.Did i say it outloud oops.The kid has some technique.Thinks for 15 seconds.My Dad was a machinist.

Formed in space?You play like a complete son of a bitch thats why you deserved lose i think xD.Cheating Tal is up a piece.I made it and will watch the whole thing.It has always been my desire to have a tree planted beside my grave on the day of my burial.Nice English "Kid is Fast".I was lost until the end, Kudo's too U !After Qf2 at 24:35, why couldnt black have played Bb4, then traded the bishop for the knight, forcing white to move the pawn on b2?For a name like torbjorn you need a giant beard!Or many be better, a number necessary on the infinitesimal?

They are not from Earth.Thanh nin bn kia ly vi lun.To be a proffesional grandmaster these days U have to be EasternWestern European or a White American."He's playing not badly".Great camera angle!And here's one i made earlier.


Extremely helpful,..Keep-um coming,...Thanks.

Dragan Dragani

Thug, what it means?


Very entertaining

Brittany Vaughan

12:10 the lights flickered again


The troll at the end was epic! lol




So it basically took Mozart 35 years to finally write music that wasn't excruciatingly corny and tacky, regardless of how technically perfect each and every one of his music sheets were. Not his fault, neo-classic music was meant to be like that, and he just happened to be born at the wrong time and make the corniest and tackiest stuff, such as that turkish march or the kleine nachtmusik that make me just scream in hatred when I so much as hear them begin. Then, man. That Requiem is really something. Wish he had lived much longer, I wonder what he would have done then.

Future President

But what if you're color blind?


This four colours together make the board so beautiful, looks like some sort of modern art.


suggestion Eric hansen pls


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