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Anime Human Chess 2011: Fight 11 - Bear Walken v.Takeru Inukai

Magnus hec heceye razilasandan sonra sifetindeki gulus ohhh sukur ifadesi.You really "hammer" home some great ideas.Really nice gift - well done!Moe, the T wasnt there when you walked in.

Very impressed by the mitre guillotine, I've not seen one of those before.Photography done well within the script limitations.Rensch is chess.Letmegooglethatforyou and readtheresults.This is pretty crearive.Don't listen to them sir.

May God help us all.

May God help us all.

YouTube might be free but SMACK get paid off views.I’m depressed now.Definitely going to watch more of his lectures.Also, why doesn't black just move one of his pawns to create an escape?The way I did it was I took their chosen number (17) mod 9 8, and from that figured out that their card will be the 8th one dealt to its pile on the last go.Idk why I’m watching this (I only know Ruby on Rails, html, css and JavaScript and maybe a bit of Java and C) the reason being is because my goal is to learn every form of code in my binder of code.Congratulations on 100,000.Ben needs to realise his garbage jokes are not funny.ARMA 3 only if u are a serious gamer.

Nadie ms conoce a July3p?Love your videos especially the stop motion!You guys are dead wrong talking about Chess like that, but I love it.This video is the best ever.25 sir, for using that formula p should be less than 1.I barely know the rules.

What am I missing?Hard move to find when you are playing that yourself.Do more things with William and Michael.Often happened to me, lead a strong attack, failed to finished the opp and than lost by a pawn.Excellent my friend !He looks a bit like Prismo from Adventure Time.

Naka choked yet again on the eve of

Naka choked yet again on the eve of

There isn't even a documentary on this.But that's a lamb, not a goat.Very nice trick.Very cool video.I will email you about the making of a board like this one for me next year.We demand the jokethat was edited out lol.1:38 open outo English captions.

Virgin birth, damn the child a mega virgin.

Virgin birth, damn the child a mega virgin.

So your dog is giving donation to you now.I love how it is so small yet so big.Vsio paslo v duraciu z zpadu.Unlike a chess board, it doesn't feature alternating light and dark squares.Regards, Ujjval.What about your own marriage, dude?I'm not from India.1:07:41 Hikaru spoke Rb8.If that's the case.

alexandru cobra

He said u loose the bishop not the game and once u lost the bishop u lost the game too

Joe Miasma

"As always, thanks for watching."

Kneo gamer

2:16:00 for me it says that 10 plus 5.5 is 65

Anisha Garg

Can we use butter paper ??

bryan baeza

Interaccin, no Fuerza, veng del Presente :v

System Void

Awesome video, thanks for this!

Ahmed Abdirahman

Was playing chess for 5 years after this video i tried her tips done the most beautiful game in whole those years

The 10th Man

Why copper? Looks cheap. Also you should have taken more care with your grain selection. Some of your white pieces look horrible and take away from the other beauties of the piece.

Alexander Alekhine

Kingcrusher seems a bit stressed...

Aassim Ajary

Notification squad where u at?

Zu lu

I watch because i dont wanna end up like the rest xd and im under 20

Kurt Osborn

Great job, and great video bud!


Caruana sniffs panties


i'm actually shocked that the dude is gay. Like you would not think it

Harsh Jain

The clock was getting seizures.

Ong Bonga

I'd play you for 20 bucks, even though I know I'd lose.

Fred Bach

"...pine, such as Douglas Fir"Pine and Fir are not the same.

Tien Vu

Mt triu nhn gii nh ch c 50k

NZ Bassist

Fun drinking game. Everytime they say,"did you hear that?",drink.Wasted!

Jinn Bottle

Puzzle: 1. QxBch, PxQ 2. R-R8ch, K-B2 3. N-N5 mate.

Lalitha ganesh

Ted ed makes me think of questions I never had before


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