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Anime Human Chess 2012: 12 - Chang Wufei vs Kabal

I thought he played this vs some weak player but he played against radjabov.Are you really going to chop on that?So the outer ring is one country,with four countries inside.(your other options suck!If I use oil instead of butter, do I need to heat it up with the milk?

Hey Elgin we are twin of squad wat is the meaning of your squad MLG.Very nice video as usual.That would've been enough to lock him up for good.That thing is YUGE!Just have to keep it out of your veggie beds - but your children need something to do so they are not underfoot anyway, dont they?

Is it worth

Is it worth

Though I can't think right now how that should be constructed.I'm Great Follower of Mikhail Tal tactics and his games.I know this video is "old", and probably no one will read this comment, but I want to mention a mistake in the reported info - You specified Jimmy's 1961 Camaro.As a kid I used to play on the Green River all the time back in 2012 I found a woman’s high heel and the person I was with an older man Was like that’s weird and we went home shortly after I didn’t think nothing of it until a while ago pretty creepy.Oversimplified, never stop making videos.Right before that?

The most beautiful cutting board, well done!That will be georgeous.Might get one of these.I actually found rook to b8 with the check by the knight.At 2:24 what happened to gender equality.Nf5 Kg8 (check is discovered, also knife f5!Plus or, i won the game!Qe7 seemed like the only possible move and after 7.Even now simply cannot realize I just made 764 bucks with this incredible site here, look up in Google this with-out gaps FunOnlineWork.Hahahahahahahhaha abnormal na siraulo pa Buti nga!

Why does healer look like he’s naked?So old and not even grandmasters when there are 12-year-old grandmasters.If it takes a match with the world champion for you to play your best, then why are you playing at all?This was a nasty position indeed.Virtue signalling with the "casually racist instruction manual" comment was absolute cringe.Can I come over to your house to make my box?These are too easy - I knew the answer to all of them immediately.Please do a video of just the thirsty comments!Jesus and Buddha are incarnation of gods too.

MisaKii Moe

Thanks you again , nice desgin


A phone with two screens that folds is not a phone. It’s a D.S.


Dude could’ve kept playing at the end and just tried to let the clock run out to get the win

bamboozle o

Eddy be looking like Steve Jobs


I've owned and used an old, patinated combo square like that for years. I had no idea that little knob was a scribe! I thought it was some micro-adjuster for the glass level or something, didn't want to touch it and screw anything up. After watching this, I dug it out of the toolbox, pulled on the knob, and sure enough there is a little sharp pokey thing in there!


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