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Anime Human Chess 2012: 19 - Zack vs Kabal

Songs of death destruction made fun.I remember just 10 or 15 years ago our family would meet at the cemetery up the street from my house to decorate the graves and basically have a reunion.03:30 Calling Morphy's bluff: Can you take on e4?It has no answer.Awesome table and video editing my dude!11:00 I love this song to bits and this section to the end in particular.

Where could I follow to hear about these matches happening?When Fischer lived in Pasadena in the late eighties, he would delight many with his visits to the tables.I'll say no more keep up the great channel,.He looks much healthier now a days because of it.Hello from 2020!'Cause he poured part of his spirit into the ring, right?A positional and instructive game.Qxd7and the win is easy.This game is on Chessmaster Grandmaster edition in Josh Waitzkins academy.

No judgement regardless.

No judgement regardless.

I was about to throw a fit over having to watch that JJTrek clip with Pine Wood Kirk, but the clip of Patrick Stewart as Gurney totally made up for it.Wow, that was great!Queens and Kings on the wrong squares for starters.Is it ok to make the game with no background, Because I cannot find any "white 1 pixel".The sum so far is 2.10 that scene feeling.

The thorsden 3d filament

The thorsden 3d filament

F5 or am I missing something?LOVE watching videos of u guys together.At 4:08, isn't it opposition for White and black could call a draw?Thanks great video as usual.And i still dont understand this game.Kurva anyd Gatyamura!I heard there was screw arguments here.I was mesmerized.Thanks for sharing it with us.That why many granger in rank act like some shit diving tower than tank for kill.

Dimitry Raskolnikov

What about Black moving its Queen onto e7 in front of its King?

Dan Magoo

I caught Walmart at the $199 end of the prce pendulum game, and I am pleased with it as a gift for my son starting college.It's super light weight, fits in a backpack, and is still a bargain after adding a 1 TB NVMe (cloned the original drive to it, and made the original SSD a storage drive) and Wifi upgrade. I'm not sorry I added 16GB RAM, but it didn't make nearly the dramatic difference that I've seen in Wndows laptops by adding RAM,or that the NVMe boot drive makes.

u Kasz

19:20 Rf3 does gives Fisher win?

Peura Mauriainen

Do they sell this game(replica of course).. or making a wood by my self.. the dice is the other story but..

Deconverted Man

Science is awesome, and epic! :D <3

Dragon D. Lionhart

Anybody know how to use unreal, unity or one of these game engines or game developing, programming etc etc to find out how many years it takes to get independent(Liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another) ASAP from general unfreedom, demon unfreedom to be precise? Please Thanks.... know they have the answer to one of these Male/Female/Living being interacting communicating game engines and video game creator programming softwares

Official KX

This guy looks like mike Boyd and mr. Bean


At 3:29 instead of queen capturing the bishop you should play bf2 and if king captures you take his queen and if king steps up to e2 then you bring your another bishop to g4 and fork his king and queen and you'll be a queen up

Sinister Highwayman

I use to wish as a child so badly for a letter to appear at my door, even so that I used to wish for Voldemort to take me away from my family. I didn't care about how I got there, as long as I was there. The true magic wasn't the spells or the creatures, it was the memories we made along the way.


Automatic like for ben lecture!

Mark R

I never played checkers like this

Zangief The Red

So he shows a game were he first blunder the queen, then blunders two more times at least, still manages to win, and the outcome is "don't blunder!"?

Daniel M

Another excellent and instructional video from Jerry.Thanks man!

Sadia Hassan



Gloves, man

seebass101 Hunt

It's a blessing that the good Lord Jesus put people on this Earth to help other people how to do stuffI like to say thank you for your time classic work for your video God bless you my friend I have learned more about speed squarefrom this video that will help me out a lot now thanks again God bless

Bhaswar Das

Thank you so much.


No Harold Shipman?


uh for node.js and visual code for Mac I couldn't open because it said apple could not check for malicious software any help ?


Botvinnik miss move.pawn a3... atacking queen. after black move he is rook on c4... and black lost he is rook, and ofc game... 9m:50sec... check in video.... Fischer vision


OMFG!! I'm laughing SOOO HARD!!! I was seriously BLOWN AWAY!!!!Oh my that was hilarious!


Awesome game

kevin neel

Can you use hard wood pallets to do this?

Peter Allan

well you last about 3 minutes longer then i, nice game

pratham prakash

It's actually much simpler to figure out the pattern:1. You know the sequence....which is 1/15, 1/23, 1/39, 1/63, ?2. To find the answer, you just need to take closer look at the fractions/the sequence....what I mean is...1/15 to 1/23 = 23-15 = 8.1/23 to 1/39 = 39-23 = 16.1/39 to 1/63 = 63-39 = can see the pattern, which is starting from 15, add it to the multiples of 8. Since, 1/15 to 1/23 = 8 11/23 to 1/39 = 8 21/39 to 1/63 = 8 31/63.....63 (8 4)= 1/95......I know he was just explaining WHY it's true geometrically, but this is a way to save your time....


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