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Anish Giri in conversation with Jan Gustafsson

Evans trolling never gets old.Looks really good.Or maybe you just had an epic introspective moment?

Hello whats the best way to go

Hello whats the best way to go

This guy would be rich if he ever make a YouTube channel.Which is this software used in video.Nurse : "the doctor will see you now".The old german machinist I did my internship with while getting my engineering degree would have simply lost his mind but as a design engineer, very creative solutions to the inherit limitations of prototyping.Anyway,I think u could have won the e-pawn with Nc5 and not Ne5.Keep up the good stuff!4:16 magnus true scandinavian live on a fishing boat.Watching you make that caramel was awesome and hilarious very good proof of how ridiculous some of their videos Re.There is a Rousseau gambit though.

Beautiful on both sides.Hi brilliant vid Joel.Just red-hot chesss.pht 11:32 sao hu ko n tnh vy.Just as Conan predicted, "In the Year 2000, the Beastie Boys will inevitably go through beastie puberty to finally become BEASTIE MEN.Very nice game, after watching these, I was inspired to look at all your games from this event on chess24Looking forward to your video on the final round game, which looked like a very tense game as well.Haven't tried the brass fittings, but might.Corridor digital would like to know your location.50 strokes a minute for a hack saw or you burn the teeth.

God knows when he will defeat Magnus!If can means, how much quantity need to put ?I'm new programmer in JS and I was struggling to find the way of Snake game coding!Thanks for sharing your knowledge.Then I save my really good industrial grade sandpaper for taking the edge to wonder land when I need it that sharp.Max Euwe -- ever the Gentleman!Awwwwwww--- he so young!You are a very skilled turner.2hrs later dip gone.The people who are the best at it aren't thinking much, they are mostly just choosing between predetermined strategies.

I got to the point where it

I got to the point where it

Nicely done - thanks."Camera Man: "Good cause man I can't see nothing".Thank you bright side.What applicaton or software are you using to demonstrate.They really enjoyed it and now take on their own projects.

Why are you putting

Why are you putting

Too much importance on "Deck Flex".What kind of wood will i need and what size of plank?John is hilarious!Brilliant use of imagination."Why did I forget everything?Oh my word that wood is beautiful!If you guys know what I mean.I cannot help wondering why white didn't play Nc3 after black had played Qc4.

BraceletMMKGRABE, KAKAIYAK, GALING NI SHARLENE SAN PEDRO AT MERYLL SORIANO.Chucky's maneuver.You seem very knowledgeable and confident in your ending play.WHO IN THE WORLD IS CLICKING THE THUMBS DOWN BUTTON?What program do you use to show the arrows so you can see the square the piece came from.It is so beautiful!

Jisha Santhosh

The of odiyan


wow, watching this after seeing your newer stuff, the differences time makes are astonishing


Stockfish takes its time coming round but eventually (depth 21) starts to like Qg4 more and more


It's beautiful

W Oin

You did such a wonderful job restoring this desk! Very thorough and thoughtful:)


This game is wonderful

Allan Zhang



very clearly explained, thank you.


I'm in love.... with chess.

Andrew Vida

Nicely done.

Rosemary A

How beautiful!Thank you thank you thank you

G Man

Girly 'man'-voice... too much talking and pontificating... otherwise a sweet vid! :)

Faizel Rahiman Khan

Awesome, simple and precise


Great work

Cameron T

Fantastic video!! Great job as always, hello from New York...

yard limit

i did like the video and i am already subscribed..............i enjoy your vid.......thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep them coming.

102 Straddle

i love it, when is kinda schocked/suprised if somebody makes a bad move....

Bella Wolf Master5924

Horse ghost gang


Wow, really astonishing game. Aronian is one of my all time favourites. He's not always consistent, but when he's in top form, he's unstoppable!

Vito Corle’039

This nigga Smack pissed

INDIAN GAMING PLATFORM ab gaming ki bari

Watch Crushing attack with black pieces


and vivahanatahan anand.... LOL jonas car.

John Fordham

Impressive Sir!!! Making a new tool!

A Philosophical Theory

I’m a gamer but not a game nerd.If I was there I would have been voted out first

Curious George

Thank You for this , you tips are really helpful. Just purchaseda set and never had experience, Your tips are very helpful


2:46 obviously the guy has no idea of what it takes to master the game of chess. And his algorithm is not something "new", Engines have been there for a long time. -but he obviously doesn't understand how quickly the number of possible lines increases.


Thanks for the compliment. I'm not so sure of the 99% claim though. I think Fritz/Rybka etc... would assess things differently. =)

Fennah Woodworking

Love your enthousiasm!

Barthallimix The2th

It was a 1969 Camaro not 1961, in fact the Camaro didn’t debut until 1967.


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